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Love Is All You Need?


Chapter Thirteen

After the webcam time with Aiden I went and had a shower. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. Sure it was pretty much all we could while we were apart but it made me want to be with him even more. I sighed and stood under the spraying water.

“Bailey, for fuck sake!” Cam’s muffled voice echoed through the room. Why couldn’t he go back to college now? The lazy bum was going to stay there as long as possible so he wouldn’t have to get a job.

“What?” I screamed back.

“Get the hell out!” Ha, his en suite shower was broken and I used the main bathroom so he was stuck.

“I’m not finished.” He shouted something back but I couldn’t hear, it probably wasn’t nice anyway. After my little exchange with Cam I decided to condition my hair again, slowly. I only had another day to annoy him so I wanted to make the most of it.

When I’d finished I got out and wrapped a towel around me. “Open the door!” I jumped. He was still waiting outside.

“I’m not dressed, Cam.”

“Get dressed then.” I would, once I’d dried my hair and moisturised my legs. “Bailey?” he called when I didn’t answer.

“Give me a minute!” I heard Dad’s voice right before I switched the hairdryer on. Hopefully he would be telling Cam off.

“Finally,” Cam growled, as he pushed past me and slammed the bathroom door behind him.

Dad was looking at me and smirking as he leant against the wall. “He started it,” I grumbled.

“He’s got a date.”

I rolled my eyes. “You mean he’s going to buy the girl a drink and screw her in the bathroom?”

“Bailey,” he scolded. He sucked at the discipline thing though. Unless it was something to do with my safety he always fought a smile when he told me off.

With my most sarcastic voice I replied, “Oh, you think this girl is going to be the one?”

He stepped forward and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. His smirk turned into a full grin. “You never know where or when you’ll meet the girl that changes everything.”

“Yeah, yeah, married the girl you were guarding. Do you even know how cliché that is, Dad? In fact isn’t there some rule against that kind of thing? Like with teachers and students?”

“It’s not illegal.”

“But it’s frowned upon, isn’t it?”

He sighed. “Go to your room, Bailey.”

Frowning, I pressed my side into his chest. “I don’t want to be alone.” That was the truth. If I was alone I would start thinking about Aiden and then I would probably cry again. “Can we do something?”

Dad’s face softened, he looked like he was trying to think of something to fix it. He couldn’t though; I just had to deal with not seeing Aiden all the time. That was probably the hardest part for Dad though, he couldn’t fix it. “Whatever you want.”

I shook my head. “That’s not true, you wouldn’t let me skydive.” He chuckled. “Denny’s then?” Even though I felt sick from all the crying earlier I was starving.

“Hell yeah, get ready.”

“Dad,” I called as he started to walk off. He turned back. “You’re way too old to say hell yeah.” A frown fell over his face and I laughed as I skipped to my bedroom.

It had only been an hour since I spoke to Aiden and I really wanted to call him. He wasn’t busy; he wasn’t starting college properly for a couple days so I could call now. I wouldn’t be distracting him.

Grabbing my phone, I went to unlock it. Aiden’s face flashed up, followed by my ringtone. Good timing. “Hey,” I answered, smiling like an idiot.

“Well hello, miss I’m gonna make you come all over your carpet. You have any idea how messy that it?” I burst out laughing. On the carpet. “It’s not funny, Bailey, I still have a wet patch where I was scrubbing.”

“Oh it is funny.”

“We’re supposed to look after our rooms, no graffiti, painting the walls, staining anything and I’m pretty sure that covers shooting over the carpet.”

Between laughing I managed to choke out, “You can’t help staining.” That was stupid. Who went around rubbing mud in and spilling drinks intentionally?

“But you can help losing it on the carpet.” My jaw ached so much from trying to stop myself laughing. Poor Aiden.

“Well I am very sorry. We should forget about the webcam in the future then.”

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Alexandra Chandoas Bailey
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