I. 16& Pregnant : OMG Girlz & Mindless Behavior Lovestory


Roc's POV

Im sooooooooooooo excited for the #1 girl tour!!!!!!!! I cant wait to blaze up the stage. Imma miss Star and the baby tho. I start my first concert tonight. I heard Beauty been talkin bout me lately. I would prefer she didnt, but I cant control that. I just wish she would get over me already. I love Star not her. I do still have feelings I just dont wanna express 'em. I miss my daughter sooooo much. Words cant even explain. I love her with all my heart. My mom was mad at me for a while but she got over once she seen how cute she was. Yeah, she get her looks from me mos def. My dad was yellin at me bout not usin a condom or pullin out. Im actually glad I didnt do none of that. After hearin bout diggy flirtin with Star I felt I cant trust her. She lied to me bout that boy flirtin with her. Im not stupid. He text Ray and was like he seen Star and she was lookin sexy and what not. I was beyond pissed. She aint have to lie like seriously. I wouldnt have gotten mad at her or anything but she lied to me. I just dont know.

Stars POV

Diggy just asked me out bout something like catchin up. I agreed so, now Im gettin ready for this date. Beauty called me shady for doin that. Im not talkin to her for that. She was like I was creepin behind Roc back blah blah blah. I didnt care what she said. I know I love my man she just couldnt keep him. I miss the old us. Boys came in and messed up the whole bond. Im all ready.

Me: Lookin Goooooooooooooooddddd!!!!!!

I made way downstairs he gave me a bouquet of blue flowers (pic of flowers in comment section)

Me: Awwwwwwwwww! Their cute

Diggy: Like you?

Me:*starts blushin* Awwwwwwwwww

Dad: Hello son Im stars dad and I carry 3 loaded pistols if you try anything funny

Diggy: Hello and you wont have to worry about me, sir.

Mom: Ok you kids have fun

Dad: Not to much fun

Us: Ok

Diggy POV

Damn. She looked beautiful. Imma have to take her from Roc. She bad. 

Star's POV

Oh god. This boy is FIONE. Why am I wastin my time with Roc while I can date many other boys.

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Let The Games Begin


Zonniqueas Star
Roc Royalas Roc
Bahjaas Beauty
Ray Rayas Ray
Breaunnaas Babydoll
Prodigyas Prod
Princetonas Prince
T.Ias Dad (Stars)
Tamekaas Tiny
Tamaraas Herself
Nicki Minajas Onika Maraj
Jacob Latimoreas Jacob
Alix Laprias Alix
Tygaas Micheal
Honey Cocaineas Sochitta
Issaas King
Ki'loni Leeas K'loni
Abbyas Abby
DJ Big Dealas Myles
Chris Brownas Chris

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