The Wolf Cave - Chapter Twenty-Seven

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 Chapter Twenty-Seven

Change, it happened to everyone. It was all part of growing up and finding yourself, finding your place in this world where you belong.

If anyone were to tell me that my fate was to become a werewolf, well, I would have laughed in their faces.

Who knew change was painful? Who knew that my life would take a violent turn?

I was suddenly thrown into a world where I couldn’t escape, no matter how much I wanted to and it was all happening too quickly. I never knew this would happen, not in a million years.

My swollen eyelids opened into tender slits. I could barely see. My vision was blurred it was hard to make out my surroundings, but at least I knew I was still in Colton’s office and my body was lying on the cold floor still unfound.

To tell you the truth, if I knew then what was in store for me, I wouldn’t have bothered opening my eyes.

With not being able to feel any part of my body, except my dull heartbeat, I knew what Carlos had just done to me was bad.

He had completely broken me inside and out, probably beyond repair.

I was lying flat on my stomach on Colton’s floor were Carlos had left me. My head was to the side and I couldn’t help but scrape my fingernails against the wooden floor, leaving claw marks on the surface.

I didn’t know why it comforted me, but it did. I was wrapped up in despair with tears falling freely from my eyes.

Blood, the metallic taste was hot and disgusting in my mouth. Maybe I was about to bleed out and die, maybe this is how my life was supposed to end?

I didn’t know how long I had been lying there until I could finally hear the drumming of footsteps underneath my ear.

Muffled shouting could be heard from behind the door, but I couldn’t make it out or really focus on anything. I was exhausted and in shock.

Just as I opened my eyes and saw Colton enter his office, I drifted off into darkness, my thoughts blacking out completely.

Silence smothered and intoxicated me. I had wanted to stay awake, to see Colton and tell him who had done this to me, but my brain wanted to shut off.

It wanted to hide me away from the horrors of my beaten and broken body. I could hear muted shouting, but I couldn’t wake up. I was too comfortable to wake up.

“Come on Layla, wake up.”

My heartbeat continued to thud irregularly and slowly. Did I really want to wake up and face this? Did I really want to come back to a world so messed up? I shook my head, wondering what I was even thinking. Of course I wanted to wake up, I didn’t want to die.

I wanted to see Colton again, regardless of the fact that his girlfriend did this to me, the girlfriend he won’t dump for revenge against her father.

I wanted to see my older brother again, my friends and god forbid, even my parents.

“Wake up, please. You can’t leave me.”

I frowned, that sounded like Colton. Was it Colton, or was it just a plot to get me to wake up and face all this unknown pain, to face becoming something I should never be?

Carlos bit me while he was in his moonwalker form, which meant that I would become a moonwalker. I could feel his venom already dripping ice through my veins. Colton would hate me if I became this, a creature that killed his parents.