Dancing to the Beat {One Direction}

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Joint story by @JustWalkIn_1D and @FutureMrsTomlinsonx


{Rain’s POV}


                Sitting across from the table, I stared at my twin sister Roxanne. Or Roxy. The only thing different between us is the hair. Her hair is blonde and long with layers while mine is shoulder length with layers and midnight black. We both had green eyes, tall and skinny.

                We’re both dancers for Little Mix also. We’ve known Perrie Edwards since we were little so it kind of helped getting the job. Naughty, naughty us; we cheated on getting a job. We’re just that bad ass!

                “We have practice today.” Roxy speaks up, bringing me out of my thoughts.

                “Okay. Reese is going to come then.” I sigh, taking a bite of my salad. I don’t eat a lot and when I do eat, it has to be extremely healthy. My boyfriend, Reese, didn’t like that I didn’t eat a lot. But, he’d have to live with it.

                “Riley is too.”

                “Surprise, surprise.” I really don’t like Riley. Reese and he got a long and Roxy liked him. But I just couldn’t stand being around him!

                “Oh, and we are going to someone’s house after practice. Perrie said it’s a surprise.” Roxy states and I know we are in trouble. Perrie’s got a secret. Oh, this shall be fun!!

Too short?

Sorry :/

Uploads probably will be awkward xD

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@JustWalkIn_1Das Roxanne
@FutureMrsTomlinsonxas Rain
Harry Stylesas Himself
Louis Tomlinsonas Himself
Niall Horanas Himself
Liam Payneas Himself
Zayn Malikas Himself
Perrie Edwardsas Herself
Jade Thirlwallas Herself
Jesy Nelsonas Herself
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