Your Lies Mean Nothing To Me


I was watching my best friend, Matt play the guitar on stage with his band, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. God he's so amazing.

Yes. Me, Andy Biersack, has a man-crush on Matt Good. He's just so perfect. The things I'd do to him if I had the chance.
They got done playing their last song, Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm, and walked off stage. I met Matt out in the parking lot. He put a cigarette between his beautiful lips and lit it.

"Hey Matt!" I called to him, getting his attention. He blew out a cloud of smoke and signaled me to go over to him.

"Hey Andy. How's it going?"

"Good. You were amazing."

"Thanks." He pulled out his cigarette pack and opened it. "Want one?"

"Sure." I took one and he handed me his lighter. I lit the cigarette and inhaled the amazing toxin.

"Are you guys touring with us? I couldn't really check the bus lot."

"Yeah. We just didn't have a show tonight. But our bus is in the other parking lot."

Truth is, the reason we didn't have a show tonight was because I was too sad to perform. My ex-boyfriend/the bassist for our band (Black Veil Brides), Ashley Purdy cheated on me with our drummer, CC. But Matt doesn't know that.

"Is it okay if I crash on your bus? I don't like my band all that much."

"You know it's alright."

"Sweet. Let's go."

"Give me a piggy back ride?"

"Andy I just got done with a long ass show. I'm too tired. If anything, you should give ME a piggy back ride."

"How 'bout no?"

"Fine." We walked across the building to get to the other parking lot where the Black Veil Brides bus was parked.

When we got on, Jake and Jinxx were playing cards and Ashley and CC weren't in the living area.

"Where's Ash and C-"

"Oh god Ashley!" I heard CC yell.

Should've known. I felt tears well up in my eyes so I ran off the bus.
I ran to the back of the bus where I just fell down and cried. I know me and Ash are no longer together but it still hurt. It hurt knowing that the man I ALMOST lost my virginity to is having sex with what used to be my best friend. Yes, I'm still a virgin. How pathetic is that? 21 years old and haven't had sex yet. No wonder Ashley cheated on me. I heard Matt come off the bus and run after me.

"Andy!" He called.

"B-back here." I cried out. I heard his foot steps behind me. He sat down behind me and rested my head on his legs and stroked my hair. I just pressed my face against his stomach and let it all out.

"Shhh. Andy it's okay." He cooed me.

"No it's not! I love him! But he cheated on me and moved on to CC!"

"I know Jake and Jinxx told me the whole story. I know it's hard letting go of someone you love, especially if they took your virginity, but it's just apart of life."

I remember the day I ALMOST had sex with him. I told him I wasn't ready and he said he wouldn't pressure me then the next day had sex with CC. I forgot to tell Matt I didn't do it that night. The thought of him even kissing me brought more tears to my eyes.

"Andy I know this is being hard on you but you need to get over him! He's not worth it! Look at yourself. You're in tears because of him."

"I know but it's just so hard!" I heard the shower going off and more moaning. Oh god not again!

"How many fucking times can they have sex?!" Matt yelled, making me laugh a little. "Hey got you to laugh!" He pointed out. I dried my eyes and he kissed my forehead.

"You really know how to make me feel better." I told him.

"Well we're best friends, it's only logical. Wanna go back to the bus?"

"No. Not right now. Let's just sit here for a few more minutes."

"Okay." I sat up and sat in his lap.

"You're the best friend ever, you know?"

"Yeah." We sat there and talked for a few minutes before getting up and walking back to the bus.

Of course when we got on the bus, Ashley and CC walked out of the bathroom with towels wrapped around their waist and giggling like crazy. When they saw me and Matt, they stopped giggling and just looked around. I looked down to my feet and Matt wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"It's okay Andy." Matt whispered to me.

"You're right. I'm tired."

"Well let's go to sleep." He carried me off to my bunk and we got in our pajamas.
When we got inside my bunk, I cuddled up to Matt.

"Why are cuddling with me?" He laughed.

"Just let me. I'm depressed."

"Okay. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." I drifted off to sleep holding on to Matt.

Somehow being with him made me feel a whole lot better. I love Matt.

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