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Dangerous Criminal *EDITING*

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“Vanessa, you want to go with me to Kevin’s?” asked Jenna, my best friend. She was wearing red lip gloss and a skin-tight black dress. She looked pretty, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes she could also appear to be the most seductive enchantress a teenage adolescent boy had ever seen. And when I say a seductive enchantress, I mean promiscuous to a whole new level.

I found myself groaning. “Do I have to?” I was having a major headache a few hours ago and I thought I should rest instead of going out right now. Kevin was that clichéd high school jock that everyone “adores” and he was having another one of his trashy parties which I’d rather not go to. I had gone to enough of his parties to know what this one would be like.

“Yes you do!” she howled as she rummaged through my closet, looking for a suitable dress for me to wear.

Wait, when did she even come to my room again? No, the question was, how did she even get in my house?

I slowly got up from the bed and went to where she was sprawled on the floor.

She was admiring one of my lacy purple dresses. “How about this one?”

I studied it. The dress was short and it would reach my mid thighs. It had no straps and the corset would hug my whole upper body. In other words, the dress was pretty slutty and showy. I instantly frowned and shook my head vigorously, closing my eyes in pure annoyance. “Hell no.”

“C’mon! Please?” she pleaded with her puppy dog face. I even admitted it, her big brown eyes and hair worked well with this kind of thing.

“Fine!” Huffing, I yanked the dress from her hands and started to strip right there. I didn’t care what she thought. I could do hell if I wanted to. I found myself chuckling midway through changing. If only my parents would accept that…

“Let’s go!” she cheered when we were done with makeup. I just dabbed some lip gloss and applied a bit of eyeliner. I wasn’t a big fan of makeup, really. Plus the way Jenna was nagging me and dragging me, I would do anything in the world to stop her hands from grasping further into my exasperation.

“Okay. Don’t get too excited because I might leave the place when I get there,” I told her with an evil smirk. My parents never let me out ever since that incident started with the criminal.

His name was Spencer and he was currently in the most wanted list in this city. But it was hard finding him because he was really slick, using his mysterious tactics to glide away easily. He can just escape within the shadows, out of the police’s hands. I guess his parents didn’t give him enough freedom or something. He seemed awesome to me in a dark, weird way that almost chilled me. And in a way, if he could just get away with everything he did, wasn’t that sort of… scary?

He stole, assaulted, and most recently, hacked information from the CIA. He even killed a handful of the spies from there. It sent me shivers by just thinking about it. This dude was extremely dangerous, already deeming himself to be one hell of a guy.

When we arrived at the place, it was fully packed and I always hated too much people so I decided to stand outside where there were still many people, but not as much compared to the house. The house itself was huge, with more than twenty rooms at each floor. But even that didn’t cover up the amount of people in there. There must be over five hundred or something.

“Vanessa!” called a voice.

I turned around and saw Jack, a guy friend of mine. I smiled. “Hey, Jack.”

He nodded once and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “You getting drunk again?”

I shook my head rapidly, cringing at the memory of the last time I got drunk. I couldn’t even walk properly and Jenna said I banged so many guys that she couldn’t keep up with me. But I somehow didn’t believe what she told me. I always made sure I never came in contact with any guy in that intimate way. And trust me, if I screwed that many guys, my womanhood would probably be throbbing up to this day, and the incident happened a month ago.

He laughed, understanding what I meant. “Then let’s go to the backyard. There are fireworks there, and I know you love fireworks.”

My face lit up happily. “Are you serious?”

He nodded with a brotherly smile. “Yup.”


He laughed and pulled me closer to him. He always treated me as his younger sister, even if he was only two months older than me. Well, even if our age difference was two months, it felt like two years. He was really my older brother I never had biologically. “Let’s go, then, Vanessa.”

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