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Game:Highschool [Watty Awards 2012]


“I think I’m going to go to.” I told the group, standing up. Daed gave me a knowing wink, and I glared back at her. I wasn’t jealous or anything...I mean, Victoria has other guy friends. Was I even a friend? I don’t really know. I logged off.


The moment when I’d kissed Victoria was always on my mind, lurking in the background when fighting, and always on the front whenever I saw her. Her smile, her eyes, everything was always there. I don’t really know when these emotions started welling up, just one day they were there. Crept up on me like a shadow. And after the kiss? It’s like she’s unconsciously making the effort to not look me in the eyes. Sure, a couple times, but they always dart away to somebody else. 


And then, there was Orion.


It was obvious he had a crush on her, do damn obvious. And set me into a rage, knowing that he has known her for 3 years, never made a move, and now he might try and snatch her from me? Ugh.


I slipped the headgear from my head, my eyes automatically searching for Victoria. There! to Orion. Dammit. I stood up, sticking my thumbs into my pockets and strolling away from the PVP tent.


Suddenly, a frail little girl was in front of me, light brown curls falling down her back and big, innocent amber eyes. I stared into them for a moment, and she stared back with admiration and love. She was so easy to read, unlike Victoria. Sometimes, anyways. This girl was familiar, like I knew her from somewhere


“Jay!” She said, reaching out to throw her arms around me. I dodged, keeping my eyes on Victoria and Orion. They had just gone into the auditorium.


“Who are you?” I said offhandedly, still looking over her head.


“Scarlett!! We’re going to be a couple, so uh...we should get to know each other better!” She purred, and I glared down at her.


“When did this happen?” I asked coldly, pushing her aside and half-walking, half-jogging towards the auditorium door.


“What?! Don’t tell me that girl has you twisted around her pinky!” She pouted, and then it hit me. Crazy-werewolf-chick! 


“Go away, crazy-werewolf-chick!” I yelled at her, breaking out into a sprint towards where Victoria and Orion had disappeared. I threw the door open, a wave of hurt, hate and jealousy washing through me as I saw what was going on.


Orion had his arms around Victoria’s waist, her arms around his shoulders and lightly combing through his ugly, mousy brown hair. Orion had an ugly, wide smile across his ugly face, and Victoria was smiling back up at him, her eyes searching his face. 


I charged forward, a type of growl ripping through me as I latched onto Victoria’s shoulder. I spun her towards me, encasing her in my arms and resting my chin on her soft, soft black hair. She smelled like lavender and jade, two scents I loved.


She struggled rather weakly for someone who was literally the best fighter in the World, and had beaten my butt into the mud the first day I’d met her. Maybe she didn’t want out my my arms. I couldn’t hold back a smug smile as I tightened my grasp on her.


Rage ripped through Orion, clearly showing on his slightly red face. He didn’t move, though. Maybe because it would make Victoria mad, or maybe because he was too chicken. 


“That made me mad.” I told Victoria, sliding my head down so I could whisper it in her ear.


“Jealous much?” She decided to stop struggling, instead just relaxing in my arms. It felt like she belonged there, in my arms. I don’t know if she felt the same way, as she had just kissed Orion.


“Yeah, I am. Why would you do this?” I asked, honest pain leaking a bit into my voice. She went stiff in my arms, turning her head to face me.


She was beautiful, her gray eyes sharp, with the usual spark of defiance and determination. Her black hair, just like mine, slid like a waterfall over her shoulder and back. Her skin was pale and smooth, without a blemish or fault anywhere. Her lips were pink and full, but not too puffy. I wished I could kiss them, and she would kiss me back. Unlike before, when I had just pecked her. Her face was close to mine, close enough where if I just moved a couple centimeters, we could kiss. It was torture.

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