The First Bride of Chucky (Bride of Chucky Fanfic)


Here's the revamped version of this story! Hope you love it! Please comment more so I can see if you like this version better! Thanks!

Prologue: ----> the newest picture of Circe! (I didn't like the name Tempest sorry! It's just a personal choice!)


‘’La Petite Morte, the little death,’’ Damien tried once again to seduce my rather annoyed sister, Tiffany. I turned around and went back to listening to Rob Zombie; I went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup from the counter knowing I was giving Damien a nice view of my ass since I was wearing a shirt that went to my mid-thigh with panties. Yes, I’m a tease. 

I looked back at Damien before asking,’’ Wanna play with me? I know my sister can be no fun sometimes.’’ He turned to look me in the eyes for the first time that night, he’s pathetic. 

I smirked and winked at him knowing I was hotter than my sister. He nodded before gulping as I went back into my room. I noticed Chucky from the corner of my eye watching me when I asked,’’ Why are men only for the sex and the feeling of domination?’’ 

He shrugged before I strattle him easily making myself comfortable. I’m too easy to make an awkward situation so why not just do what you’re meaning to and get over it!

‘’Aw Damien has been deprived of any sexual contact what so ever hasn’t he,’’ I asked before caressing his throat with my lips. ‘’Tiffany I’m so breaking up with you,’’ Damien groaned before I sat back narrowing my eyes at him. 

‘’Do you want that little death,’’ I whispered leaning into his ear. He shivered from my breath before groaning out,’’ Hell yeah.’’ 

‘’I wish you weren’t such a dick,’’ I said before jumping off of him giving Tiffany an annoyed look. She knew I hated any man or woman who ditched one woman or man for another or cheating… I hate cheaters; cheaters.

As I walked back towards my room I turned and gave Chucky a kiss on the cheek before whispering,'' Show him hell.'' 

The next hour or so I finally willed myself to get up and do something when I remember I had a something to do tonight. 

''Dinner's ready Tempt,'' Tiffany called as I pulled on my leather jacket and pushed back my hair. I made my way towards the kitchen part of our camper and noticed Chucky....Charles... sitting on the counter watching Tiffany rather intensely. 

''Actually I'm going out with Zane and the group. You know clubbing night,'' I said lightly before she spun around and looked at my outfit. Her eyebrows shot up before asking,'' Going to get some tonight?'' I shrugged before hearing the familiar car horn of Zane's mustang. 

''My have you grown up,'' my eyes landed on Chucky who just said that rather obvious statement. Yeah it's been quite some time... I hate him now. Well, something like that. 

''Yeah and my have you shrunk,'' I snarled before marching rather dramatically before nodding to Tiffany wishing her luck with that little hell spawn. 

My story with Charles/Chucky is quite the tale. 

Charles Lee Ray was once upon a time my own husband until the statement in our marriage where death do us part comes in and now I'm as single as ... actually I'm just single. 

He's somehow the one that turned my life around and I'm not the cutter anymore. Yes, I admit I did cut a few times and I do have the scars to prove it but now I can't see him being my savior. Only but a monster that was once my husband. A demon. 

Tiffany, my own sister, was the girl that let him use her for pleasure uses behind my back. After his death, I was a mess once again but I soon realized he didn't need me. I was being used. 

Death do us part...

The next morning I came home to find Tiffany flirting with Jesse, the neighbor. Oh Tiff you're too old for him. 

As soon as I stepped into the camper, I found Chucky locked up in the baby play pin. Hahah babyyyy... Hahaha play pin!!!!! Now this is entertaining!

I knelt down and made eye contact with my ex- husband and now demon possessed doll, Chucky, who was now glaring at me heatedly. 

''You got yourself into this mess and I'm not helping you out,'' I stated defiantly as I knew he would soon ask for his freedom. 

''Why the hell not,'' he growled and I simply replied,'' I don't help cheaters.'' His eyes widened once I said that. Yep, I know everything Charles... 

He stayed quiet once I reached my hand inside and caressed his face. I gazed sadly at him before saying,'' If only you didn't cheat and bring Tiff into this.''  

''I kind of wish you were still alive,'' I whispered before stalking off to my room. 

I threw my headphones off as I heard a blood curdling scream coming from the bathroom. I shot up and hopped off my bed to run to bathroom where I found Tiffany being electruted to death. 

''You bastard! How dare you,'' I hissed before slapping him flinging him across the other side of the room. 

''Hey,'' he shouted from his place on the floor before I turned to the now death sister of mine. Something then came to me. That bride doll. The Hell? 

''You're transporting her soul into the doll aren't you bastard,'' I asked making an pissed off face at Chucky who just smirked darkly. That damn bastard... 

Suddenly my sister was a doll. Seriously how fucked up can my life be!? 

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The First Bride of Chucky (Bride of Chucky Fanfic)


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