moving in with my sluty mom and her boyfriend

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Moving in with my slutty mom and then finding out were going on a year long Cruise!( too bad her boyfriend's coming...)

NAME: Linh Dean

AGE:15 1/2

BIRTHDAY: December 28

LOCATION: Beverly hills CA

Chapter 1:

"Dad!!!! i don't want to move in with that slut of a mom!!!!" i shrieked at my dad. "I don't care! You are moving in with her whether you want to or not!" he screamed back. "I hate you!!!" i screamed as i ran upstairs to my room. I picked up my phone and called my best friend Kelly."Hellooooooooo"her cheery voice said through the line i burst into tears" what's wrong linh? " she asked? "I'm so sorry Kelly. My ass hole of a dad is making me move all the way across the country to live with my slutty MOM!!!!!!!!" " but i thought she died of a botox overdose..." " Kelly this isn't the time to be joking!!" i shrieked as she was laughing at her own joke. "LINH!!!!!!!!! get your butt down here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!" my dad yelled. " i gotta go Kelly I'll talk to you later. I sluggishly walked down the stairs."what do you want!?!!??!!!!?!"I snapped at him " don't talk to me like that !"he snapped right back " fine what?" "Your moms here" "WHAT????????????" i shrieked. "your leaving now!!!!!!" Just then my mom walked into the room " hi linh did you miss me?" she said in a fake sugar sweet voice" HELL NO I DIDN'T MISS YOU, YOU SLUTTY WHORE BAG!!!!!!!"." she looked stunned that i said that then after a while her face got mad. She pointed her manicured hot pink nail at me " what did you just say?" she said. " you heard what i said you WHORE BAG!!!" " by now my dad was getting really pissed " LINH YOU WILL NOT TALK TO YOUR MOTHER LIKE THAT!!!!!!!" " my mother she hasnt called or visited once after i was born!!!!!!" i shrieked at him. " after i was born she immediately left to go fuck another person!!!!!!!!!!" both my parents were stunned as i said these words. my mom grabbed my long brown hair as i was about to turn and leave. "listen here you brat if you say anything like that to me again you will regret it !!" she said with venom clear in her voice. " we gotta go plane leaves in 30 minutes." as i walked through the airport guys were checking me out curse myself for having a curvy figure! when we got to the airport in beverly hills i went to the bathroom with my mom cause she insisted on fixing her make up. i splashed cold water on my face i looked up at the mirror to see my dark brown eyes staring back at me." alright Paul's gonna come pick us up in 10 minutes " she said " who's paul?" i asked " my boyfriend duh!"she said when we finally found paul my mom said we had to go to the mall because my dad told her to buy me a new wardrobe( her idea of pretty clothes are mini skirts and tube tops) i told her ill go shopping another day. as we pulled up to the house i saw something totally unexpected...

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