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Another World (A Harry Styles fanfic)


Cookie Monster: So, here is the next chapter! YAY!!! I love the ending, he is sooo sweet. Hehe. So, guys.... I'd like some comments and votes... there are a lot of reads, but not a lot of comments. Where are you guys?

Anyways, anyways, anyways, song on the side, Break Your Heart by Tiao Cruz

Picture on the side, Harry Styles! Doesn't he look like a glass doll or is it just me?

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Harry opened the cabinet in the kitchen and pulled out a clear bottle. Russian words were scribbled on the label and I knew what it was. Vodka. I watched him silently as he walked over to the fridge and pulled out some Bojangles tea. A grin appeared on my face as he grabbed two plastic red cups.

                “Are we playing Never Have I Ever,” I asked as he set the stuff on the table. “’Cause I’m very inexperienced, I won’t drink any of the tea.”

                “Well, I’ll be the one to get drunk, that okay,” Harry asked, giving me a quick kiss as he sat down beside me, “You first.”

                “Okay,” I said, pouring me a glass of tea and slouching into the chair. “Um…” I pulled my PJ short shorts down to make them longer. “Never have I ever had sex on my own will. As in not drunk.”

                Harry paused to look at me straight in the face with the face with a pained expression. As he took a sip, a little piece of my heart shattered.

                “Who,” I choked out, my blue eyes glued to the pained green circles.

                Harry sighed and said, “Too many one night stands and a few embarrassing ones.” Another piece shattered. “There was the married woman I had a fling with last year, Lucy…”

                As he continued to name a few one night stands, my eyes dropped into my almost see through brown liquid in my hands. I watched a tear roll down my nose and cause the brown surface to ripple. Harry grabbed my hand softly and I looked up at him, wiping my face on his Jack Wills jacket.

                “None of them mean anything to me, now that I have you. I would never dream about doing that kind of stuff with other women,” Harry whispered to me. I nodded my head and looked down in my lap. “My question?”

                I nodded as he let go of my hand and placed it on my baby bump. Harry caused me to look up at him.

                “Never have I ever not gotten Louis a gift for Christmas, since I’ve known him.” Harry grinned, knowing I’d have to take a sip.

                I took a sip after sighing. I didn’t buy the present but Harry signed both our names. Harry grinned and sat back in the wooden chair. I reached over and ruffled his curls.

                “Never have I ever lied when I told someone I loved them. As in relationship wise,” I said, dreading Harry’s response.

                He raised the red plastic cup to his lips slowly before taking a small sip. I nodded and took a shaky breath.

                “I wasn’t expecting that,” I breathed.

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Chapter Eight


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