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Bleach: Love Is Passion! [IchixRuki Oneshot]

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It's been a long time since Ichigo and I have been in each other lives. At first I thought that was being a burden but now I really don't know what to think. We have gotten a lot closer in a friendship way, and it fucking sucks. No matter how many times I tell myself this it goes back to that same feeling that I'm in love Kurosaki Ichigo. Oh god, why do I feel this way!

Ichigo walks in the room and sees Rukia crying.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked.

"Nothing why do you ask?"

"Well if I see a girl crying in my room I would like to what the matter." Ichigo fired back at her.

"I said it was nothing. Just something in eye and it hurts. "Rukia answered knowing that it was a lie.

"Ok fine. But let me see your eye."

" NO!!! Really it's fine!!!" Screamed Rukia.


Ichigo stormed out of the room, Rukia looking at him as he leaves she starts to think to herself 'Oh why the hell did I yell at him for he was just being concerned for me?' she got up to leave the room after him to apologize.


"What is it now Rukia! You came to yell at me some more?!" snarled Ichigo.

"No I wanted to apologize for yelling at you. I didn't mean to."

"Eh no worries. "(Smiling)

'God he's so cute when he smiles'

"Hey do you want to go to the park with me? " Ichigo asked.

"I don't see why not"

"Good, well then I'll go get ready. "

Rukia ran up the stairs to go get ready. Meanwhile Ichigo was in the kitchen get a picnic basket ready for when they got to the park they could have a nice lunch.

"Oi Rukia you ready yet?"

"Yeah here I come"

Rukia came down the stairs wearing nice sky blue summer dress that cling to her in all the right places. Her hair was pulled back with a matching head band. She looked more ready for a date than just going to park with her friend.

"Wow you look nice" Ichigo said while looking at her with he's mouth still opened from the shock of how good she looked.

"Thank you. Oh if you stand there long enough with your mouth opened like that bugs will fly in" she said with a giggle.

"Shut up "he felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment.

They left out the house and started walking to the park. The weather was perfect for nice picnic for the two of them. Not to hot and not to cold. When they got to the park Rukia found a nice spot under a tree for them to sit under. They started to unpack they picnic basket when they some voice calling them.

"Oi Ichigo, Rukia hey!"

"Kurosaki-kun, kuchiki-san hi"

They turned to see who was calling. It was Renji and Orihime walking up to them with a picnic of their own.

"Hey what's up "said Ichigo while waving his hand to tell them to come and sit with them.

"Hey Rukia you don't mind if they sit with us do you?"

"No I don't as long as don't have to eat Orihime's cooking I'm fine "said Rukia while pointing to the picnic basket Renji was holding.

Ichigo gave a little chuckle to what Rukia just said.

That little laugh made her heart skip a beat. She felt that she was truly in love with Ichigo. That made her smile a little.

"So what are you two doing together" ask Ichigo

"Well I was coming to the park just to get away from Urahar and that damn store"

"You just didn't want clean" Ichigo said with a goofy smile on his face

"Shut it! Anyways I ran into Inoue and ask her if she was coming here she said yes and I asked her if I could hang out with her and here we are"

"I thought since we don't know that much about each other that I would nice to get to know him. Especially since he risked his life to save me from Aizen and I don't know anything about him.

"Oh…….Kay then right" Ichigo said while looking at Orihime like she was a little crazy Rukia just sat there sucking her juice thru a straw .

Every body was sitting talking and has a good in the park when Ichigo's shinigami badge went off. Causing everybody to turn and look for the hollow' whereabouts.

"Damn what a time for a hollow to show up"

"I know Rukia you and Inoue stay here while me and Renji go to take care of the hollow it's not that big we'll be back"

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Bleach: Love Is Passion! [IchixRuki Oneshot]

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