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Nothing Ever Mattered



Love sees no colour 

Love has no boundaries  

Love is just Love 

Love is not complicated 

It's people who make it seem so 

So if we can see love for what it is 

Then why can't we all be in Love 

Love is sweet and beautiful 

Love has no restrictions  

No off- limits

Love is just Love !!


Set in the 1950's in America, two star-crossed lovers venture on a adventure of love the only thing that differs between them is that one is white while the other is black. Can they love survive the prejudice and hate of their family and community or will it crumble like other interracial love of that time???  

A story of love and pain.


Please comment and vote. I would really appreciate your comments to see where I could develop in my story writing. This is like the first book that I've written that I'm really happy about! Thanks hope you enjoy!!


Chapter One:

Our love was deemed as illicit- something that should have never happened, by the world and era that we lived in. Growing up in Mississippi in the 1930's was hard but falling in love in 1953 in Mississippi was a total different story altogether. Mississippi wasn't exactly the place for declaring an interracial relationship, it was judgemental and despite it's best intentions to hide it, it was racist. Our love would have barely survived there, I guess that's why it only lasted for a while. Things had started to slowly change in the Southern states of North America and it was just gradually creeping into Mississippi. Whites and Blacks got on better than they had in the past. Equality and unity were gradually progressing into the community. But that did warrant people to venture to the 'other side' when it came to finding love. Everyone stayed on their own side; whites married whites, blacks married blacks. That was how it was for a long time before a certain Timothy Jackson brought home a white women to present as his wife. There was an outcry between the white community demanding that this 'madness' be stopped before it gave people ideas. Things got far worse when it was discovered that the girl was pregnant. Timothy was charged to court on the offence of raping the 'poor innocent young women who had no say in the matter'. He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment, which was unexpected since the jury was made up of all whites. That was the last time anyone saw Timothy or the girl ever again. They both played as reminders for the community about the consequences of interracial relationships.

I never really gave interracial love a second thought. To me it was a foolish form of love between two people who wanted to try something new, leading to trouble for them and the rest of the community. Since Timothy Jackson I had decided to stay on my 'own side'. But Fate had a very different plan for me!! I never intended to get involved with him but I couldn't help the way he made me feel.... you just can't control who you fall in love with despite your very best efforts, love just happens! He appeared out of nowhere and swept me off my feet. He was my life, my very own angel but like the wind he was gone to join the other angels in the sky.

Chapter Two: 

"Erika... girl you betta get your ass down here right now... church ain't gonna wait for you and neither am I ." yelled Trey from the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't help but smile at my older brother patronising me to hurry my butt up. He was just two years older than me but he made it feel like it was ten years and he wouldn't let me forget it. Ever since our dad died, Trey had instantly taken over the role as my guardian and protector, demanding the respect that he thought he deserved being the only surviving man in the family. "Boy don't you talk to your sister like, do you hear me? Not while I'm still alive" I heard my mother say, sounding like her usual motherly self, she was always a neutral spectator when it came to me and my brother's bickering. "Yes ma'am" Trey replied ashamed that he had been scowled at. I couldn't help but laugh when I heard the disappointment in his tone. I had just finished tying my hair in a bun and applying some lipstick, when I heard the horn of a car. "Alright, alright, I'm coming, jeez !".

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Nothing Ever Mattered


Tom Wellingas Hayden Walker
Vanessa Lee Chesteras Erika Williamson
Lance Grossas Trey Williamson
Maya Angelouas Big ma
Lynn Whitefieldas Momma Williamson
Megan Foxas Amanda Kane

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