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Skittles, Teenage Parents, OH! And Cheaters

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Chp. 8

"I can't believe you thought this was a good idea!" Ajax exclaimed "I could have walked to the hospital and back!"

"Don't get angry at me Mr.! I mean its not like you can go anywhere by yourself!"


"Oh whatev-"I was cut off as Phillip began to yell at both of us.

"Will you both just please shut-up! I would like to pay this lady for the ice cream and then get dumbass to the hospital!"

He finished paying the car hop and then pulled out of Sonic. The rest of the ride to the hospital was silent except for the occasional grunt of pain from Ajax. Once we arrived I got Esme out of the car seat with the ice cream, while Phillip went to go and get a wheel chair for Ajax.

We all rushed into the hospital and to the main desk.

"Excuse me but we believe he might have broken his leg." I told the lady behind the desk. She was an older woman who looked like she made the best cookies for anyone.

"Ok I just need one of you to fill out this form as I get a doctor to check him out ok?"

"Yes of course!" I quickly turned to Ajax. "Do you think I could call you mom or someone to get all the information?"

"Yeah" He handed me his phone and said "She is speed dial #2"

When I looked down I noticed that it look more like a brick than a phone.

"Are you kidding me? This is your phone? It's a brick!"

"Its very reliable ad doesn't break when I drop it! Thank you very much!" he told me as the nurse started to wheel him away.

"Whatever you say big shot."

I sat down by Phillip and Esme as they were beginning to eat their ice cream. I pushed the #2 button until it started to call "mommy", I couldn't help chuckling under my breath. The phone rang about three times before a lady answered.

"Boo Boo Bear what have I told you about calling me when I at work?"

"Hi I'm Tarinn and I am sorry for disturbing you but I needed to call you so I could fill out these forms because Ajax broke his leg and is being checked out at the moment." I said.

"Oh! I'm so sorry dear! Please excuse me!"

I began to ask her the question that were on the paper and she would answer them, sometime with a little story as I wrote them down. I really began to like his mom. She was a really nice lady. We finished in just a few minutes and I gave the lady behind the desk the form and asked if I could go see him.

"Yes but he is getting his cast done so he won't be in the room." She also told me how to get to the room he would be in. I quickly grabbed our ice cream and speed walked to the room.

I only had to wait a few minutes (like an hour!) before they wheeled him back into the room.

"Hey did you get a hold of my mom?" He asked as they were putting him onto the hospital bed.

"Why yes I did." I paused for just a moment before adding. "Boo Boo Bear."

I began to laugh as I saw his face flush red. I looked down at his right leg and saw a bright purple cast on his leg.

"So I see you choose purple. I thought you would have pick a more girly color like pink."

Before Ajax could answer the doctor said "Oh he did but we just didn't have any at the moment." Still looking down on his clip board.

"Hey you said you wouldn't tell anyone!"

"Oops sorry kid I totally forgot! But do you know how to use crutches?"

"Yes I do, I have broke my leg before." Ajax said.

"Okay I just going to need to go get some things in the computer and then we will get you out of here." The doctor said while leaving.

"Here is your ice cream." I told him and handed it to him.

"Thank you. Tarinn?"

"Yeah?" but it sounded more like meuh because I had ice cream in my mouth.

"Thanks for making Phillip get ice cream it is making me feel a million time better."

"I told you so!" I got up and did my victory dance before sitting down and finishing my ice cream.

"What was that?"

"My victory dance!"

After that we just sat and talked about random things before the doctor said that we could leave. We took Ajax to my house and finished making the rice crispy treats. Esme was soon fast asleep and we were down stairs.

"So what time do you want me to pick you up tomarrow?" Ajax asked while leaning against the door frame.

"Well I have to be there a little early so maybe 8:00?" I said unsure.

"Yeah that sounds great."

There was a long pause of silence between us. Neither of us wanting to break it, but of course it had to end when Phillip came and interrupted.

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