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Sacrificial Love: The Beginning

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From the meeting room we have departed from, John and I arrived to a place where the sea stretched for many miles, the sky was unclouded. Tall, green grasses that were as high as our waist spread throughout the land, swaying lightly with the breeze. In the distance, we could see a log house stood firm even though it appeared as if it had been abandoned for many years.

“Nice place to come to,” John piped up, rubbing his hands together. “Where do you think this is?”

“Prince Edward Island,” I replied.

“You read too much Anne of Green Gables,” John grunted. “Let’s just check out the house. There must be a reason why it’s the first place we stumble upon.”

John was right, it was coincidental we discovered this place. The whole place was completely reticent. Even in its graceful silence, to me, the whole place felt kind of uncanny. John and I decided to approach with caution, just in case there were humans still about and noticed our angelic presence. As John and I walked up the little stairs that led to the front porch, a feeling inside of me stirred, telling me to be on my guard.

“John, be careful,” I reminded John before he turned the rusty door knob.  He nodded his head and pushed the door open.

The creak of it was so loud, I thought the door would fall off its hinges in matter of seconds. But the door opened perfectly and held still as John and I entered the little log house. The house was that of a picture from the olden days. Everything was made out of wood, I was amazed the place didn’t end up swallowed in flames years ago when the owner still lived in it.

A fireplace was placed to the right of the room, in the middle of two window panes. The inside was black though rather dusty with black logs still sitting in its hearth. A dusty green Persian rug was laid in front of the fireplace, giving the forsaken house a homey look once when it was alive with liveliness. To the left, there was a small kitchen with broken cupboards and drawers once enlightening the mood. Broken china plates and broken glasses were everywhere on the counter of the kitchen. Everything seemed to be from another era but the revolting smell that faltered throughout the room was definitely current.

“I wonder who lives here,” I pondered aloud. Trailing my index finger over the chalky dust on the kitchen counter. “And that smell … where is it coming from?”

John cleared his throat. I observed my brother, dressed all in black right to the leather gloves strapped to his hands. He pointed to the dining table that was situated in the middle of the room. It, too, was filled with layers of dust. Three chairs remained in good condition even though the other two looked rugged and unusable surrounding the table itself. At first I didn’t comprehend why John was pointing to the table but as I look closely, he was pointing to the trapdoor beneath the table.

“It’s coming from here,” he declared.

John straightened up, brows furrowed together as both his hands extended in front of him. In complete silence, the chairs and table moved from its proper place, hovering in mid-air before settling itself down to a corner. John had the power of the mind. Besides foreseeing the future, John was able to control anything his mind commanded to do.

A gush of wind from outside made us aware that two of us were not going to be alone anymore. And sure enough, directly bolting from the sky, came crashing down Azrael. The mist of black unrevealing his admirable existence. If Az was here, I was sure the poor human that was trapped under the cellar never made it out alive.

“John, Liz,” Az greeted my brother and I with a mere nod. His gargantuan wings swung victoriously. “I see you’ve found a soul for me to take.”

“Well no,” I hesitated. “We haven’t found the soul yet and even if we did, we’d like to interview him or her.”

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Alexis Bledelas Elizabeth Lawson
Chris Pineas James Peter
Emma Stoneas Porscha
James McAvoyas Lucas Lawson
Chris Hemsworthas Mark Lawson
Chris Evansas Michael Lawson
Jackson Rathboneas John Lawson
Ashley Greeneas Liana Lawson
Tyler Hoechlinas Charles Keith

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