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A Lost Love, Found Again A One Direction Fan Fiction

Dedicated to

Dedicated to MeganandStyles for getting me motivated to continue this!


Updates will from now on be constant! I will try EVERY DAY! but I don't know lol!

Thanks and check out MeganandStyles she is an amazing writer!


Chapter 3,

Harry's Pov,

I went home and opened the door to my flat I share with Lou. All the boys are here right now to just hang out. Eleanor is here too and so is Danielle Liam and Lou's girlfriends.

"So how did it got Haz?" Lou comes over to me from the kitchen with carrots in his hand. Everyone staring waiting for an answer.

"First she was really mad but then I convinced her to start everything over and for us to be friends again"

"Thats good" Liam stood up from the sofa and walked over to me handing me a beer.

"Thanks, I still love her. Seeing her again brought back all thoes feelings and I need her.

"Are you forgetting about Tania?" Niall asked from the couch he was on playing pokemon with Zayn.

"Crap!" I have forgotten! Tania is my girlfriend right now. I really don't have feelings for her shes just someone whos there for sex, I know thats stupid but she uses me for the same thing, more like friends with benefits. But I will end it with her.

"I will end it with her"

I pulled out my phone and sent her a text, 

'Can we meet at starbucks in 10 minutes? It's important.'

And I got a reply 30 seconds later,

'Sure babe! :*'


I walk into starbucks and see Tania already there, wearing a skimpy little outfit that makes her look like a whore! 

I sit down in the chair across from her.

"Hey babe! What did you want to talk about?"

"Tania I am sorry but we should call this off."


"I am breaking up with you"

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS" She stood up.

"I am sorry but I don't have feelings for you and I don't want to string you on"

She slapped me clear across the face.


How did she find out about Elie?

"YEAH THATS RIGHT I KNOW" She stormed out. Oh well!

I walk out of starbucks and see Elie out there and Tania. Tania slapped Elie across the face and she fell to the ground in the street.

"SHIT ELIE" I sceam and run over to her. She was hit by a car.


A woman pulled out her phone and called. 5 minutes later an ambulance arived.

"Sir you need to back away"


They put her on the gourny and into the ambulance.

"One person can come with her" a peramedic said.

"I will"

I got in and the entire way they were working on her when we got to the hospital she was rushed in and I followed.

"You have to stay here sir" A female nurse about 5 foot stoped me she was probably in her 40's.


"You have to stay here" she said once again.

"Fine" I turned around and paced back and forth texting the guys and Megan and Alyssa. They gave me their numbers at the mall.

They all rushed down to the hospital in a hurry. Megan came with a guy I haven't met.

"HARRY! What happened?" They all rushed over to me.

"I broke up with my girlfriend and she thought it was because of Elise and she saw her crossing the road, went over to her and slapper her nocking her down and she got hit by a car."

"Is she okay?" Megan and Alyssa asked at the same time.

"I don't know they haven't told me anything"

Just then a male nurse in his 30's came over.

"Are you here for Elise Janet Curwood?"

"YES!" Me Aly and Meg shouted at the same time.

"Elise is in the ICU she is curently in a coma she has suffered some brain damage that could lead to memory loss, also 2 broken ribs, she got luck no punctured organs, a broken leg a broken arm, bruising and some cuts that were stitched, there was also some internal bleeding, and she went in for surgery. Right now she is In room 406 and can take 1 visitor at a time. We do not know when she will wake up  but right now we are keeping her in a medical coma for heeling in a week we will take her off and the only time will tell.

We all stood their in shock. 

"Whos going first?" I ask all of them.

"You should Harry, she has known you longest" Aly said and Megan nodded. 

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