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The Boscombe Valley Mystery (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV)


<p data-p-id="2d9b4762ee6056c716617b92cd98e1d2">The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV THE BOSCOMBE VALLEY MYSTERY Andrew Delaplaine © Copyright 2012 by Gramercy Park Press All rights reserved Inquiries to: DEDICATION The pecuniary rigors attending the struggles of the unknown writer are well documented in the annals of history, from the scribes drinking sack in ancient Rome down to the present day hacks in Sodom-by-the-Sea drinking DewarÕs on the rocks (with a twist). It is thus of paramount importance that those bartenders who tend on celebratory occasions (in the words of the trade) Òto overpourÓ be lauded and magnified, and otherwise recognized, and so this modest work is gratefully dedicated to Daniel Clayton Ewan Crum, who, bringing to the task the tenacity of a cur dog, will not be denied his place of glory behind a bar. Note: This is entirely a work of fiction. It is in no sense a roman ˆ clef. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the authorÕs imagination or, when characters, places of business or institutions are in fact real (such as the name of a cafŽ on South Beach), they are used fictitiously to provide a semblance of verisimilitude; there is no intention of portraying any actual person, place or incident. Other Books by the Same Author (All books available in quality bookstores as well as on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Books, the authorÕs website and everywhere else books are sold. AuthorÕs website: JACK HOUSTON ST. CLAIR SERIES THE KEYSTONE FILE Ð PART 1 Ð A Jack Houston St. Clair Political Thriller Sam Houston St. Clair is the Republican candidate for President. On Election Night itÕs discovered that thereÕs been a tie in the Electoral College, resulting in a deadlock. The Constitution requires that in such a case the election is thrown into the House of Representatives, where each state has a single vote. Incumbent Republican President Jeffrey Norwalk is determined that St. Clair will succeed him because he expects St. Clair to continue his policies and he plans to use the secret Keystone File to achieve his agenda. [Prequel to The Running Mate. Action takes place four years earlier.] THE RUNNING MATE - A Jack Houston St. Clair Political Thriller Jack Houston St. Clair's father just happens to be President of the United States, bogged down in a nasty fight to be re-elected to a second term. A Secret Service agent protecting the opposing candidate discovers that the candidate is sleeping with someone he shouldnÕt be, and tells Jack so that Jack can pass the information on to help his father win the election. Jack goes to Washington, and becomes involved in an international whirlpool of intrigue. MARY FREEMAN SERIES MIDNIGHT MASS - A Mary Freeman Thriller Det. Lt. Mary Freeman stumbles upon a spectacular robbery of historic Trinity Church in downtown Manhattan on Christmas Eve, and after impressing the Mayor, gets assigned to the Task Force investigating the crime, throwing her headlong into a world of political intrigue and murder that rips apart every aspect of her life. JAKE BRICKER SERIES THE METER MAID MURDERS - A Jake Bricker Comic Thriller A serial killer is loose on South Beach. But heÕs only killing meter maids, threatening the economic foundation of Miami Beach. Mayor Johnny Germane wants the killer caught NOW! But tall, dark and handsome Det. Sgt. Jake Bricker canÕt seem to nab the devious killer, even though he knows who the next victim will be. [Foul language; not for kids.] THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES IV In this series, the original Sherlock HolmesÕs great-great-great grandson solves crimes and mysteries in the present day, working out of the boutique hotel he owns on South Beach. THE BORNHOLM DIAMOND A mysterious Swedish nobleman requests a meeting to discuss a matter of such serious importance that it may threaten the line of succession in one of the oldest royal houses in Europe.Ê THE RED-HAIRED MAN A man with a shock of red hair calls on Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of the Red-haired League. THE CLEVER ONE A former nun who, while still very devout, has renounced her vows so that she could Òfind a life, and possibly love, in the real world.Ó She comes to Holmes in hopes that he can find out what happened to the man who promised to marry her, but mysteriously disappearedÊmoments before theirÊwedding. THE COPPER BEECHES A nanny reaches out to Sherlock Holmes

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