Typical Teenagers (Not continuing)

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I'm pregnant and the person responsible for this doesn't even know of my existence. Instead, he's acknowledging another girl's by foolishly sleeping around with her.

"We saw him!" Faith announced excitingly as she and Rhea walked up to my locker, breaking my thoughts. I didn't think they knew about my wrong doings in band camp or has he already advertised his accomplishment of knocking a fifteen-year-old up to everyone in school?

"Who?" I blandly asked.

"Mr. Molina, the new guidance councilor..?" Rhea replied in a questioning tone.

"Yeah, the new, single and delicious, Mr. Mark Molina." Faith added, affectionately embracing the three sturdy books she was holding as if it was a person.

Phew. I felt an instant relief when I heard it was Mr. Molina they were talking about. "Oh..." I pulled my union jack-designed tote out of my locker while looking down to avoid eye contact with either of them.

"Oh?" They both said in unison. "You've got something more important that Mark Molina?" Rhea asked.

I knew I had to tell them; Faith and Rhea were my two closest best friends. No secret was kept hidden between the three of us, except my latest news.

I took a deep breath and glanced around to see if anyone was eavesdropping. "I had sex..."

Shock and confusion immediately struck their faces. "No you didn't." Rhea claimed in disbelief.

Faith was more excited than worried. "With who?" She asked in astonishment.


"How was it?" 

"Back to who?"

I started having doubts of whether I should tell them the rest or keep it a secret.

I reached down my tote and grabbed my plastic water bottle to take a sip of water. "So, you did it? Amie, why didn't you tell us? How did it go?" Faith curiously asked.

"It was nothing. I don't even think it was sex. I didn't even realize what was happening until what- two seconds? Plus, it wasn't even that great, okay?" I boldly explained. I thought the three-lettered word would be a much more better experience like in the movies but no, not really.

"Maybe it wasn't that great because it wasn't with a great guy.. Who was it anyway?" Rhea asked, her eyes fixed on mine.

"It was no one. He's not from this school. He was just a guy from band camp." I looked away from her fixed stare as a result of my feelling guilty.

"Well, you could've told us sooner you know? Why are you telling us now?" Lauren added. I felt so guilty and vulnerable, I placed my books in front of my stomach to give them a hint. And as soon as I did, their jaws dropped and worry struck their faces.

"No. No you're not Amy..." They both said with sadness.

*Bell rings*

"I have to go guys. I'll talk to you later. I don't want to get into any more trouble."

I paced away as fast as possible that I even brushed off a sweet-looking boy greeting me. I just wanted to take a good look at the father of my baby. I struggled my way out of the crowded hallway and once I saw him, sadness struck my heart. He was standing a few feet away, talking with some blond-haired girl, smiling and being happy. He doesn't even know he got a girl pregnant.. yet.

"Bye then! Don't forget to come!" The girl exclaimed and walked away, waving. I was standing a few feet from him. I was thinking to myself, why he had to pick me. But then his eyes slowly fixed on me. I didn't want him to remember me so I instantly hid my face under my long hair and ambled away but-

"Hey you! It's Amy right?" He asked meagerly. I froze and turned my face to him. I looked down to avoid eye contact. "I'm just messing with you, kid. I mean," I flinched as he gently brushed my hair from my face and pulled them behind my ear. "How can I forget the night we spent together in band camp?" He said, his finger lightly brushing my cheeks, smiling.

He remembers? Oh no..

I'm doomed.


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