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This all started with a parkingspace, I'm not supposed to fall in love!


I wake up the next morning and see Chase is still there.

"Thank god, I thought you were never gonna wake up!" He smirks sarcastically. 

"Good morning to you too." I mumble and go to take a shower.  

"Can't wait to tell the entire student body I got you in bed THREE TIMES!" He chuckles a little. I throw my towel at him. 

"You only wish, ChaCha." I say. It turns into a full blown laugh. He takes the towel and walks close to me, catching me and him together with it. 

"Every day, you know it." That stupid smirk 

"Okay... Let's make a deal, You can throw a party here tonight if you stop with that stupid goddamn smirk." He immediately smiles. 

"Really? Oh would you, please?" The sarcasm strictly controlled his words. I nod and run off to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and undress. Then I hop in. 

"You and forgetting to lock doors." Chase murmurs. I scream and grab my dark blue bathroom robe and throw it on. I step out of the shower, ready to hit him. 

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE! IM NOT WEARING ANYTHING!" I'm screaming. He grabs my arms and I calm down. 

"I wish you weren't." He laughs a fake laugh. 

"Get out of here, seriously!" I say. 

"I've seen girls wearing alot less clothing than you right now." He smirks. I want to punch him. 

"Yeah, cause your a player, just playing every girl your with like a violin then dropping them." I snap and he laughs at me. 

"I haven't gotten in your pants, have I?" He asks, his eyes playful. 

"Please, get out..." I ask sincerely. He smiles and walks out of the bathroom. 

I changed and walked out into my room. 

"Okay, now you can go in the bathroom." I say pointedly.  

"Oh, I didn't need to use the bathroom. I just wanted to see you!" He says, trying to seduce me. I lay down on the bed right next to him. 

"Well, see me...." I say and lean in really close to him. If I stretch my lips a little bit, I'd be kissing him. I close my eyes as if I'm going to, and whisper, "Yeah, right." I start to lean away but his arms catch me. 

"We'll see about that." He whispers and kisses my cheek, really close to my lips.  

I laugh. "We're such teases."  

"Yeah, but I must say, your so much better at it." 

"Oh I know, now cmon, are we having a party or not?" I smile playfully at him. 

"You know, one day your gonna realize instead of pretending to kiss me, you want to kiss me." He smirks. 

"Yeah, right!" I say, and get up. He stands up too, and follows me downstairs. 

"Okay, I called Jack and he's got the people down. We need some beers-" 

"STOP! Beer? I don't think you understand that my dad would kill me if-" 

"He won't know, I promise." He finishes. I sigh. Then, he puts his hand through my hair, stopping and curling it in his fingers. "Please?" 

"Okay..." I say, shocked by the touch. It was really - nice. And it was different, not like his other touches. He smirks. "Don't forget our deal!!"I smile at him, knowing it would never happen. 

"I haven't. I'll call Beck and tell him to pickup the food and stuff." He says and picks me up, bridal style. 

"Uhm, the point of that was?" I ask, laughing. 

"Just wanted to. Okay, I'm gonna be back at 7, party starts at 9. See ya, babe." He winks and starts to walk away. I run after him and twirl him around. Then I yank him down to my level. 

"Do. not. call. me. babe." I say through gritted teeth. 

"Yes honey." He says and walks out. I head upstairs and put a movie on. I end up falling asleep.  

Chase is becoming the star in my dreams. 

"Wakeup, BABE." I pop open my eyes, and he's right there, in my face. 

"I'm up..." I say, turning. His arms are around me, so I can't really move. 

"Ready for a fun night?" He asks, his eyes planning something. 

"Yep... now if you'd be so kind, you can let go of me now." I ask lightly. He brings his hand back and gets up. I get up too and start brushing out my hair. I finish and see that Chase has picked out my outfit. "That's a little akward..." I laugh and look over the outfit. It's a dark was jean mini skirt, and an off the shoulder long sleeve. I change in the closet and come out. "This is whore-ish." I say, looking at Chase. He walks toward me and plays with my hair. 

"No, it's actually pretty sexy." He murmurs. 

"Stop doing that!" I say, gasping. 

"What?" He asks innocently. 

"You play with my hair, and keep our eyes locked, making me feel special. I'm not another piece for your game, just know." I say, and he smirks. 

"You are special though." His seducer voice is playing. I slap his chest, by the way it's really built up. 

"Shutup, and lets go downstairs." I laugh and head downstairs, Chase on my toes.

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