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Kidnapped By One Direction



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"Then Megan decides to go to open the door, and it's Max wearing a chicken suit!" Aimee finished loudly, causing us to roar with laughter. This girl sure had a sense of humor.

We were in one of the One Direction vans. It was white with tinted windows. It just looked like a regular van. We normally used these vans when we needed a quick get away from fans...or ex-girlfriends (you really don't want to know, but just ask Harry). We were on our way to meet Louis, Liam and Megan. To say Aimee was excited was an understatement. She was jumping up and down on her seat, and Zayn was giving her weird looks.

"How much sugar did you have this morning?" He asked her curiously. I bet Harry was dying to know the answer to that too, since he sat up straighter in his seat.

Zayn, Harry and Aimee were seated at the back of the van, on the floor. Aimee was seated to the left, Harry in the middle and Zayn to the right. I was at the front, driving.

"I don't know. Eight packs? Megan dared me." She grinned.

My eyebrows shot up. Eight packs and she was this hyper? I couldn't believe it. I curbed the urge to turn around. I was the driver. I needed to keep us on the road. Liam would go crazy if he found out we were in a car accident with the girl we had kidnapped, and soon the fans and the police would know as well.

Then what Liam feared would happen...would happen.

"Eight packs?" Zayn scoffed. "I once ate twenty!"

It was true. I remembered that day. That had also been a dare, and Zayn had been so hyper people had mistaken him for being drunk. He acted like a striper and danced around a pole. Then he ran into the hotel lobby we were in singing 'Tik Tok'. Then he ran outside in his pyjamas and called a little man Dobby and asked him where his Hogwarts letter was. It took us a while to find him, and when we finally did, he was dancing in a fountain and Uncle Simon was beside him.

He had not been as amused as we were.

"That also reminds me of the time Megan barfed up sugar." Aimee laughed, breaking my train of thought.

We gave her even more curious looks, wanting to know the story which caused her to shrug and say, "Hey, you don't want to know."

"Too late," Harry said raising his eyebrows.

Aimee giggled, "Megan would kill me if I told you." Harry and Zayn pouted, which caused me to laugh. It worked on Aimee though, as she bit her lip then smiled, "Okay, I'll tell you. But you have to promise not to tell Megan!"

We all nodded, and she said, "Well, it started with a boy named Finn, and this squirrel named Josh. Megan and I wanted to make some money, and so we started a lemonade stand. So one day..."




"She actually ate the sugar that Josh pissed on?" Zayn said through laughs. Harry was again on the floor rolling about, tears of laugher running down his face. Aimee had given up a long time ago and had started laughing with us.

"Yeah, and I'd accidentally poured some into Finn's drink, and he was all, 'This tastes remarkable! Blah blah blah.'" Aimee finished.

I had to pull over because I was laughing so much.

It took us ten whole minutes to stop laughing, and by that time, we nursed stomach-aches, sore cheeks, and, in Harry's case, dried out eyes.

"Your friend Megan is so unintentionally hilarious," Zayn hiccuped.

Aimee looked around at us, her face matching her red hair, "I think I'd better stop, or else we won't be there in time. If I know my friend Megan, when she wakes up and meets Liam and Louis, finds out that they're from One Direction and figures out they kidnapped her, she'll freak out."

I nodded in agreement. I knew Louis would be equipped for a situation like that, but Liam would not be. He was probably talking Louis's ear off, which, along with running his hand through his hair, was a nervous habit.

Liam would probably freak out....a lot, when Megan woke up.

That would be a hilarious situation...

Harry wiped his eyes, his cheeks, and then down to his neck. "Oh my god, I haven't had a good laugh like that for a while. Thanks a lot, Aimes."

She gave him a dismissal wave of her hand, "No problem, Harry."

I turned the key in the ignition and put the car into drive. We continued driving for a few moments in silence, since we were all frightened that we would say something funny again and we would all burst into laughter. Laughter was good, but we really needed to get going before Megan woke up.

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Jane Leveyas Megan Walker
Ariana Grande as Aimee Evans
Liam Payneas Himself
Zayn Malikas Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
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Harry Stylesas Himself
Steven R. McQueenas Max
Thing One and Thing Twoas Serena and Latifah

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