Meeting my Brother.

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Hey guys. Im sooooo sorry that i havent uploaded in such a long time. I have been so busy and now that it is summer i was away and i had a bunch of stuff to do. Sorry.:( anyway i hope you enjoy this chapter.


10 days later

Luc's POV

Everything was black, like the sun had gone out and there was no light left of earth. I couldn't move anything. I couldn't feel my fingers or my toes or anything in between. All i could here were the voices. For soo long i have been here in the dark, listening to the voices. Different ones come and go each day. They talk about things, things that i should know about, but i dont remember. They say something about filming a movie. They say it has been stalled. What movie? I dont remember a movie.

Everyday a girl comes and sits next to me, she talks to me and tells me that she loves me. Did i love her? I cant remember. I hope i can remember soon. She talks a lot to another person who seems familiar. James. I feel as though i have known him for a long time. But i cant remember why. Were we friends?

There are people who come everyday and poke me. They stick needles in me and it hurts. But i cant cry out in pain. I cant do anything. All i want is for the light to come out again. I want to be able to see and remember. I want to be able to walk again. To run outside on the soft grass.

Then suddenly i feel it. Something small. But i feel it. My fingers now seem conected to my body. I can move them and i can feel them. I feel someone holding my hand. I squeeze my fingers and suddenly there is noise, so much noise, people shouting and screaming. They sound happy.

Amy's POV

Finally, i didnt think i would ever be happy again but i am. He moved! He actually moved. After so much time he moved. He squeezed my hand. The doctor said he would be all right. They said he would wake up soon.

Im the only one in here now. Everyone went to get dinner and i offered to stay, just in case. Im just sitting here holding tight to his hand. I wish he would squeeze it again. To show me he is here.

Suddenly there is a noise. I look up and see him open his eyes. He turns to me and gives me a questioning look. He opens his mouth and whispers

"Who are you?"


Uhoh Luc doesnt remember her, or pretty much anything for that matter. Well i hoep you guys enjoyed this chapter. dont forget to vote and leave me a comment telling me what you think. Even if you hate it, tell me. That way i cna improve my writing. Anyway thanks. I love you guys.

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