The Red Notebook

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I was digging a place for my new pot of flowers when I found it. I'd been planting a garden since I was twelve and I found the spot, a small area past the woods in my back yard.

As I brushed the dirt from the torn-up red notebook, I could see neatly printed words on the cover. “My Story,” it said, and I was immediately interested. I shoved it into my backpack, buried the flowers, and then lie down in the grass.

I only read the first page, but it was enough to remind me of myself. It was the same way I talked to my best friend, Abigail, about my crush.

It was more than a crush, actually. If I were crushing on my guy best friend, I'd be over it. But I wasn't, and I was beginning to doubt if I ever would be.

I'd told him I liked him before, two years ago. He thought I was joking and he laughed, so I never brought it up again. To this day he probably still thought I was kidding, though we never talked about it again.

As I read the next few pages, I could feel his love for this girl. I could feel it almost as strongly as my love for Aaron.

My first thought was that I needed to meet him, I needed to talk to him – but there was no information on the worn-out pages, not even a date.

So I would settle for reading his story, instead. Because it felt so close to my own, I needed to know how it would end.


Dedicated to PureOfHeart. Thanks for the cover!!