Words Hurt

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Words hurt.  They feel like incisions made on you whenever someone says something mean to you.  They may be joking, but they hurt.

Words hurt.  They feel like bees stinging you at your every breath.  It's just a rumor, but it hurts.

Words hurt.  They made me cry.  I don't like to be teased.  I don't like to be called " fat ", or anything else.  I just wanna be called Tia.  But, it might be funny, it might be fun, but I'm not having fun. 

Words hurt.  They may cause self harm, the start of bullying, and the end of someone's life.  I tried cutting myself.  But don't tell.  I don't think it would be very fun knowing a few words of yours killed a person.  A human being.

Words hurt.  It's hurts inside me to know people are having words thrown at them, certain words.  This might get to people, this might offend people, and this might make people realize the about themselves.  If you hate me, hate me.  But if you know, words hurt.  Think before you act.

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