“Who?” I looked at Sam who had become just as tense as Loran, he wrapped his hands around his head and turned to me.

                “She’s the Queen of Pennsylvania, keeping track of all the little packs, she stops wars,” he said putting his hands on my shoulder he dipped in close to me.

                 “What does she want with me?” I asked completely confused. Why would the queen of the state want to speak with me?

                “There are some things you don’t know about Theo,” he said looking at Loran who nodded his head as Sam continued. “He’s very sick,” he said looking away I could tell the subject was touchy.

                Loran stepped in finishing the explanation “when he was fifteen they started noticing a slow in his healing and shifting, his wolf cells are slowly killing his human blood cells. Within a year he could shift and never shift back, stuck in the wolf form forever,” Loran said.

                I stopped thinking and fell hitting the ground fast, my head spun in a million directions but I managed to open my eyes. Jonah stood over me his face in panic he helped me up and kept me balanced.

                “Why didn’t he tell me?” I asked they both shook their heads, why would he keep a secret like that?

                My heart thumped in my chest and the only other time I had ever felt such agony and emptiness was the day my parents died and I barely made it through that.

                “You need to control yourself in that room with Elizabeth,” Loran said his voice sweet as my body cooled. “She’s going to say things that you don’t want to hear, just remember to keep calm,” he said resting his hand on my shoulder he led me upstairs.

                I waited for him to open the door as we came to a stop at the end of the hallways he looked at me before he did smiling a weak smile he opened the door. In the study there was a large wall of books and a simple black leather couch. There was a desk in the corner which was probably Jonah’s fathers at one point.  Sitting on the couch was Theo his head down with his dark hair falling in his face, he looked sick now that I thought of it.

                It explained why he hadn’t healed from the bit Luke gave him, I sighed walking into the room to see her. She was tall with long dark hair that reached far past her shoulders, her icy cold blue eyes like daggers into me.

                “Penelope White,” she said softly her eyes and posture changing with her voice they seemed softer and more mother like now.

                Theo sat still like he didn’t see me come in but I could feel him and everything inside of me wanted to be close to him. Everything in me needed his comfort but I heard Loran’s words in my head and stood still, strong.

                                “You are very special Penelope,” she said motioning for me to sit down. “Theo has had his eye on you for years but people are never who you think they are darling,” her voice was so soft and welcoming that you had to listen even when it was something you clearly did not want to hear.

                I settled into the couch next to Theo who still did not turn to me or speak a word.

                “I know that Theo is sick,” I said stopping her.

                She smiled shaking her head at me, Theo tensed his body normally so strong he was fighting to keep it from curling into a ball or shifting.