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This all started with a parkingspace, I'm not supposed to fall in love!


Hey everyone! New story, and this one is already wriitten, so it'll be alot longer! Hope you like it, please read and comment and fan!(:

<3 Meghan

*WAKE UP, SAN FRANSICO, I'M REBECCA DONALDSON, AND I'M DANNY TANNER* A stupid talkshow to wake me up, really?

I hit the snooze button. Oh, I love that sound so much! Ha, what a joke! My name is McKenna Woods, by the way. I just turned 16 years old, and got my lisence. My dads 'I'm sorry for not being around' present is my bright purple Corvette, which I happily accepted. He's a businessman, traveling alot and leaving me alone. I need to get up and start getting ready for school. I don't want to go there, but dad said I absolutely had to go. I kick off my plush, heavy covers to see Maria, my dad's girlfriend for the minute in my room.

"Hey pumpkin! Your dad says you need to get up, and be downstairs for breakfast in twenty! See you down there!" She flutters out of my room, clad in nothing but my moms old nightgown. Don't get me wrong, I hate my mom. She decided to leave us after she found some young, rich guy willing to let her live with him, but still. Dad shouldn't even HAVE that. I don't mind, Maria is actually really nice, but she has no idea about how big of a player dad is. He'll drop her as soon as he finds some other pretty woman. I go to my finally unpacked closet and choose the most appealing outfit I could. Purple skinny jeans that hit me in the all the right places, and a teal, black, and white checkered shirt that I loved so much because it makes my already curvy self look even curvier. I brush my teeth and through my elbow-length dark mocha colored hair; throw on a little mascara and a dab of eyeliner and I'm ready. I hurry downstairs to see dad reading the paper and Maria talking nonstop on the phone with somebody. I sit down and Dad's head snaps up.

"Hey honey, you ready for school!?" His terrible fail of enthuiasam made me laugh, then I frown.

"I'm sorry, honey." The sadness in his voice is obvious. I take a look at dad. His brownish black hair is a little tousled, a 2 o'clock shadow playing on his strongly defined cheekbones. The golden/ brown color of his eyes is what makes women crazy over him. I'm glad I inherited those exact eyes, because I always play them up. He's tall, about 6'4 and really built because of his Army past. I chuckle at my dad and he looks up.

"Dad, don't worry, your fine!" He smiles an eye crinkling colgate. I return it, and I eat my buiscuits and gravy in silence. Maria keeps the conversation going. I like her because she actually talks to me, but it will hurt when dad dumps her.

"You know, my son goes there, too, honey, so you'll have a friend! He's a doll, I'm sure he'd be more than happy tomeet you! I'll call him and tell him to be on the lookout, honey!" She pulls her phone out again and calls. I stand up and give dad a kiss and Maria a hug.

"I'm off, I'll see you when I get back... wish me luck!" I walk out of the house and into my car. I'm not exactly a cool kid at school, I'm more of a loner. I get to the school with 10 minutes to spare. I'm debating whether or not to wait it out in here until I hear a little knock on my door. It's Chase, the guy in my Lit class, with black hair that hits right above his dark brown eyes. I've never seen him up close... I try to stop gawking and unroll the windows.

"Uhm... can I help you?" I say, unsure.

"Yeah. Your in my parking spot." His voice is gruff; I turn to see a motorcycle parked right behind me.

"Oh, I'm so- sorry." I stutte out. Dang, he's cute. He smirks, amused I'm so choked up.

"It's okay sweetie, lets not have it happen again!" He says slowly, as if I'm stupid. He's still smirking. God, that's infurioating!

"I'll try not to. Now, are you gonna move your bike or do I have to run it over?" I ask, over my stupidity.

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