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Designed to Kill (Jayy Von Monroe Love Story)


So it’s been a few months since my birthday so it’s December. We’ll be taking a break from tour for a few weeks because of the holidays. Jayy and I are still going strong. I can honestly say that I love him. We haven’t said it towards each other yet but I want him to say it first. Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going for Christmas because I sure as hell am not going to my parent’s house. I don’t have any other relatives free and Mark, Skylar, and Axel are going to visit their parents’ houses. So luckily Jayy hasn’t asked about it yet because I don’t to come in between him and his family.

“Babe, where are you going for Christmas?” jayy asked.

FUUUUUUUUCK I spoke too soon.

“Uhhhh…..wisconsin?” I sorta asked.

“You’re spending Christmas by yourself?” he asked.

“Mayyyyybe.” I replied looking out the window of their bus.

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me!?” he demanded turning my head to face him.

“Because I didn’t want to come in between you and your family.” I replied.

“Babe, my mom already considers you family. She’s been wanting to meet you since we started dating.” He replied.

“What? Really?” I asked. He laughed and nodded.

“Well it’s a good thing I got an extra ticket back to Orlando.” He said pulling out three tickets.

“But—“ I started.

“But nothing. You’re spending Christmas with my mom, me, Dahvie’s mom and dad, and Dahvie.” He said putting a ticket in my hand.

“You’re a fuckin asshole, you know that?” I asked. He laughed.

“Babe time to wake up.” Jayy said. I just laid there, just to freak him out. He shook me a little harder.

“Babe! Leslie! LESLIE!”

“yes?” I asked opening my eyes to see Jayy staring at me. He grabbed a pillow and started hitting me with it.

“You had me freaking the fuck out! Never do that again!” he yelled still hitting me.

I started giggling uncontrollably while Jayy was still hitting me.

“You think that’s funny?” he asked. I nodded still giggling. (oh btw, Sally and Andrew already left)

He started tickling me. I couldn’t stop laughing.

“J-jay! S-stop-p!” I squealed.

“Nope. This is your punishment.” He replied.

“Woah what is going on here?” Dahvie asked.

“D-dahv-vie h-help m-me.” I squealed.

Dahvie knelt down on the other side of me and also started tickling me. I tried rolling over to crush their hands but they just moved to my sides and feet.

“G-guys! P-please…s-stop!”  I screamed.

“Ok.” They both said and took their hands off me. I gasped for air as I tried to catch my breath back.

“Guys! I’m dying again! Fuuuuuuuck!” I breathed.

Jayy slapped my ass. “Babe get the fuck up.” He said. I stood up slowly.

“I CALL SHOWER!” I yelled grabbing an outfit and running to the bathroom.

“DAMN IT!” Dahvie yelled. I smirked and got in the shower.

I changed into this (with the jacket jayy got me) and did my hair and shit while Jayy had come in and took a shower.

“I’ll make you something to eat babe.” I said.

“Ok thanks. Dahvie said we’ll be at the airport in about 15 minutes.” He said.

“Ok.” I replied and walked to the kitchen area.

I made 3 omelets and put them on the counter.

“DAHVIE! JAYY! YOUR FOOD IS READY!” I yelled. They both came running in the kitchen. I knew Jayy wasn’t in the shower anymore.

“Guys we’re here!” the bus driver, Robert, yelled. All three of us shoveled down our food and grabbed our suitcases full of shit.

“Thanks Rob.” We said walking off the bus.

“No problem guys. Have a nice holiday.” He said.

“You too Rob.” We replied closing the door.

“This is so weird.” I said walking to the airport.

“What is babe?” Jayy asked.

“It’s December and it’s not snowing.” I replied.

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Chapter 14


Jayy Von Monroeas Jayy Von Monroe
Dahvie Vanityas Dahvie Vanity
Sally Stitchesas Sally (Leslie's bff)
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