Chapter 1

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***A/N Skylar is a girl if you were wondering. Picture of Carter on the side-------->

Chapter 1(Skylars POV)

"How much longer till we get to the barn mum?", I asked my mom who was sitting in the black leather seat next to me in the drivers side of her blue suv. I fixed my purple snapback basketball hat on my head and pushed my straight blond hair out of my eyes and behind my ears. I pulled a mirror from my bag and looked into my green-blue eyes, eyes that I got so many compliments on, eyes that were staring at me from across the car. I looked over at my mom who was looking at me with an exact copy of my eyes exept her eyes were dead. They had no life, no expression. Mine looked hopeful but were on the way to being as dead as my moms.

"You are the one who wants to make this trip up to the barn to see Carter, Skylar Marie.",my mom said. Ugh I hate when she called me by my full name! It's so annoying. But the thought of Carter kept me from correcting her. Carter, my baby doll. The thought of him brought a smile to my face.

"Ma, you know Carter wont let anyone else ride him but me", I exclaimed with a giddy smile on my face. Carter was one of the two things that could make me smile like this. Only Carter and Jaxon.

"I have to talk to you about Carter this afternoon, okay Skylar?", she asked me.

"Yes mother", I said sarcastically, which earned me a strict, "Skylar", from my mom across the car.

I responded with a curt, "Whatever mum".

"Skylar Marie, just because you are 16 doesn't mean you can act like a brat."

"Mom, I can think of a lot of reasons for me to act like a brat.",I said seriously. She didn't say anything back to that. Ya because its true I said in my mind as I turned up the radio. The song Payphone by Maroon 5 was on. This was one my favorite songs, but sometimes I I just couldn't listen to it. When it got to the line 'if happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this', I quickly changed the radio station. My mom shot me a wierd glance but I ignored her, she doesn't care about me so why should I care about her?

We pulled to a stop in front of a new looking green and silver barn. Finally, time too see Carter! I grabbed my bag and hopped out of the car earning a disapproving look from my mom. I walked into the barn and up to Carter's stall. I looked over the white and grey beast in front of me as he whinnied at me. I opened his door and hugged him around his strong neck as I kissed right under his furry ear.

"Hey little bunny rabbit", I cooed at Carter. He shook his head and neighed as he looked at me with a large brown eye filled with so much love and trust I wanted to cry. He threw his large head back and whinnied happily almost as if saying 'Mamas here, yay!'. It was so hard to believe all that Carter had been through. You could only see the traces of his story with the fading scars on his skin and the way he was petrified whenever someone other than me approached him.

"Okay babe, let's get you ready and then we'll ride." , I said to the giant horse in front of me. Carter nodded his head in agreement and nudged me out the door.

I quickly got Carter ready and headed into the ring. The new horseback riding trainer was standing in the middle of the ring. I pulled Carter along as he gave me a terrified glance. " Come on darling, he wont hurt you", I whispered to Carter as we walked in.

I hopped on Carter's back and nudged him to the track.

"You know that horse hasnt been riden in three weeks hun'.", an unfamiliar voice called out to me. Is he really talking to me? I rode Carter two days ago! Oh and first of all don't, ever call me hun'. But I kept all that in my mind as a responded with a short "Yup". Haha, take that jerk!