SBMBG 2: The Skater and Ballerina's Twisted Fate (COMPLETE)


The Prologue is up! Kung mapapansin niyo, may resemblance sya sa Prologue ng Book 1: Skater boy meets Ballerina girl. Bwahaha. Sana magustuhan niyo! Read between the lines for clues and just ignore the errors! Bye!



 >Photo by: Sakura Saito. Thanks for making girl! Love'ya! :**







I’m Bench Hernandez…

I used to be a fantastic SKATER BOY.

I used to be a sweet, caring gentleman.

And I used to love a BALLERINA GIRL.



Not before SHE broke my heart.



When SHE chose to leave me for her career,

When SHE lied to me the night she said she doesn’t love me anymore,

And when I gave up everything just to be with her,

I realized that I already hurt myself too much than I can contain


 And that’s when I learned to let go,



…. to let go of HER.



To let go of someone I really love ...

and become someone that everyone will love.


Because I know for a damn fact that…



A stupid Skater Boy like me will NEVER be good enough for a Ballerina Girl like her.



And one thing that I can say now?






There will be no more SKATER BOY.


I’m Arianne Kylie Alvarez…

I used to be a brat and conceited primadonna.

But what made me changed?



It’s HIM.


Because I loved a stupid Skater Boy.


(Well, he’s not literally ‘stupid’ but he was......when he started loving me.)

Why does he have to love me at the first place? And why do I have to tell him that I don’t love him anymore?

What’s the point of ‘I less than three you’ when I absolutely can’t be with him ever?


He’s really my EVERYTHING. And my career is really NOTHING…



Now that I lost him.


But, did I really lose him?



He changed and gave up everything just for me.

He suffered but I still managed to hurt him.



Is there really no chance for a Ballerina Girl to be with a Skater Boy for once? Is there really no happy ending for us to hold into?


I know that HE deserves someone better than me… but I can’t let him go.



I just can’t let him go. Not now. Not whenever.


‘Coz I always needed him. We will need him.



I may be a not his Ballerina Girl now, or not again ever.


But he will always be...





….. my Skater boy.



What can you say?? I’ve posted the Prologue. Is it lame or what?


Pasensya na kayo kung sobrang natagalan ah? Alam niyo na, hindi na ako gaanong active sa wattpad eh, but i'll try updating more often. Hihi! Tsaka isa pa, nagkaroon ako ng problema sa pagpili ng title, gusto ko kasi nandun pa rin yung words na Skater at Ballerina eh! Hihi! XDD


Salamat po sa lahat ng nag- aabang dito, sana suportahan niyo pa rin po ito hanggang huli. Tingnan natin ang mga unexpected twist na mangyayari sa kanila.


At nga pala, wag kayong mag expect na magiging playboy or what si Bench dito, si Shone yun! Yung naging playboy after siyang bastedin ni Xionnen, okay? Speaking of, hindi ko pa tapos ang Pinky Promise! Try reading that naman! Bwahahah!


Aysya, thanks! Keep supporting!




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SBMBG 2: The Skater and Ballerina's Twisted Fate


Park Hyung Seokas Bench Hernandez
Jung Rooas Xionnen Mylie Contis
Park Tae Junas Xavier Myco Contis
Park Ji Hyunas Arianne Kylie Alvarez
Do Hwe Jias Marrice Johannson

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