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Sample-Daughters of the King: The Single Women of the Bible


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In today’s world, it is not easy to be a single woman. There are temptations, challenges, and hardships. There is often heartbreak: a husband that has died, a longing that has not been fulfilled, or a feeling of loneliness. There is also often judgment from society and pressure to “get a man” at any cost, even if it is not in God’s plan or timing at the moment. It is easy to become discouraged and frustrated.

Yet, the Bible tells us that, single or married, those who know the Lord as their savior have been adopted into His family (Galatians 4:5). God cares about us, and we are His children. He will guide us no matter what state of life we are in.

In fact, God loves single women so much He put them into the Bible. This book is designed to dive into these characters and explore them in-depth. How does God help them through their particular challenges? What can we learn from these ancient women? This book is written in hopes that you will find answers to these questions through the stories of these Bible characters.

And amazing Bible stories they are! You will meet career women who use their talents and means to support the ministry, desperate single parents, and widows in distress. You will learn about women who struggled with hopelessness, despair, and bitterness, and overcome with God's help. These stories have been given to us as examples of God’s great grace, mercy, and favor.

Each single woman in this book is part of a pair. She is paired with someone who is from a similar circumstance in life. Yet one of the women in each pair obeyed God and is a rich example for us to follow, and the other was the opposite-she was fleshly, selfish, and/or unbelieving-until God straightened her out. Probably like most of you, I find myself relating more to the woman who blew it. But the good news is, with God’s grace and help, we can become more like the examples we strive for. Each story is a fictional retelling in a modern-day setting, followed by a short nonfiction commentary.

With so many books about singleness out there, it is important to explain how this book is different than the norm. This is not a collection of Christian romance stories. The Bible does not mention that any of these women ever married. Some of them may have married after they were written about in the Bible, but that is not important to the story. Rather, these stories are about the women in their unmarried states-how God reached them and used them for His purposes. This is also not primarily a book about relationship advice or how singleness is a gift. Rather, this book is a series of stories straight from God’s word that teach us more about how to live Godly lives to fulfill the special purposes God has for us.

I pray you will be blessed by this book.



“Between you and me,” Myra said, taking her phone off the speaker and whispering, “She is bringing the ministry down.”

There was a knock on the door. “Just a minute,” she said. Her secretary entered, wringing her hands. Myra cupped the phone with her hand and looked up.

“Moe wants to see you right away,” the secretary said. “He’s called an executive meeting.” Myra’s heart went into her throat, and she felt weak. In the fifteen years since she had helped found Loving Hearts Ministry with her brothers, internationally-known evangelist Moe Griffin and his CFO Andrew, there had only been an executive meeting hastily called three times: when the business was faced with a lawsuit, when a death threat was issued against Moe, and when their mother had died suddenly. This was big. He must have found out what was going on.

Myra was not known as a gossip. She was an upright Christian woman-the head of the women’s and children’s branch of the ministries, a leader who was on the radio and television and had her own magazine. She was beyond reproach most of the time. No one had ever found any dirt on her (and lots of people had tried), because there was none. She was wholly devoted to doing the Lord’s work.

But then Sefora came along. She was hired, innocently enough, as an administrative assistant. It was an important job, but not one that brought much leadership potential. Then she began seeing Moe, who had never shown any interest in having a romantic relationship before. After a mere six months, they were married. And now she was taking charge. She had all kinds of ideas, most of which involved ministry to Hispanics. The ministry had never been multicultural. That was nice for those overseas ministries, those that had the resources and calling. But Loving Hearts had always been about helping people at home. It had ministered to deserving Americans, who were rightfully part of society here, not people who crossed the border for handouts and jobs that belonged to the good people of the United States. Helping illegals in any way, even spiritually, seemed like treason to Myra.

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