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Short Story / One Shots (LGBT)


Rae Kitano's LGBT Short Story  / One Shot Writers Challenge

So, Rae has challenged us all again and as usual, I attempted to write something short. I tried really, but it just kept going on and on .... lol

Challenge Criteria

Using the following dialogue, in any order, in a short story / one shot.

“I’m not in a ‘save the day’ kind of mood.”

“When I grow up I want to be like (insert your own star / character here)”

“If I had a dollar for very time you said that!”

“Would I lie to you?”

“I love that color on you.

AN: I hope you enjoy!



Joey's only thirteen  and doesn't have anyone to look up to. He's just a kid whom some might say  would never amount to anything. His mom's overworked and his sister's too busy in her own teenage world that she even neglected Joey as the little brother. 

Joey's mom realizes without a father figure she might be doing more harm than none until she makes a decision for her son to try and better his life that will change his world forever.

Did mom make the right choice? See where her choice led Joey and decide for yourself if she made a big mistake or if she gave Joey a new beginning.


 Big Brother

     It had been over six months since mom signed me up in the program. I lived in a poor neighborhood, my dad was an alcoholic and left us when  I was four. I’m thirteen now, Asian and stood about four feet eleven inches. I’ve always been small for my height. So, it’s just my mom and I and my older sister Leah. Leah was seventeen and was always so busy trying to be popular she wouldn’t ever give me the time of day. I didn’t have many friends and I usually kept to my myself. My mom worked two jobs. She worked thirty hours as a secretary at one job during the week and spent Friday and Saturday as a waitress at the restaurant. Tips weren’t very good and we constantly struggled to make ends meet. I felt sad for her because I knew how hard she worked to keep a roof over our heads. There were days I felt my sister took advantage of her and man, how she hated when mom treated her like a child. Someday, I'm going to take care of my mom and she won't have to struggle so hard.

     Today, was the day and I was so excited when we pulled up to the facility. Mom got a call from the program director and had met with them a couple of days before. It seemed like they talked for hours. Stepping out of the car, I raced towards the entrance as I read the sign just above the doors. ‘Big Brothers and Big Sisters’ of  New York.  I smiled to myself knowing that someone will come today and want to be my big brother.

     I sat in the chilled room that was leaving me with goose bumps on my arms as the minutes went by. In the middle of room was a big white table and the walls were covered with a montage of pictures of other little boys and their big brothers. My eyes wandered over each and every picture with envy. The excitement inside me was almost uncontrollable. Holding my hands together properly in my lap I kept thinking to myself that I’m going to be the best little brother anyone could have. I could only imagine all the things we would do together. Finally, I would have someone I could talk to.

     The door squeaked as it opened and my mother and the lady,  our program mediator came walking in giggling with each other. My mother sat down beside me as she stroked the back of my hair while she stared at me with her beautiful smile.  Our program mediator sat in front of me, prim and proper placing her notebook and file folders down on the table smiling at me as well.

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Big Brother

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