Everything About You(A One Direction FanFic) [CANCELED, SORRY]


New Fan Fiction! This one is coming soon, so it will consist of the preface and chapter one. This is just to help me get this out of my head! So many idea's! Love you all<3



(Morgan's Point of View)

I don't know how long i've been staring at these tickets in my hand, my eyes were beginning to burn and my mouth was dry. Had I really just won backstage passes to a One Direction concert? Two tickets, I couldn't be more shocked. I shakely brought my phone out of my pocket and called my best friend, Alexa.(A/N- A for Alexa and M for Morgan)

Alexa: Hello?

Morgan: Lex-Lexi, you are never going to believe what I just won.

A- Wait, what? You won something? What did you win, oh my gawd why didn't you tell me you entered something? She babbled on and on.

M- I won freaking backstage passes to a One Direction concert! I screamed at her.

(End of Conversation!)

I heard the phone drop and a car engine roar before the line went dead. I waited five minutes for her to get to my house, while I chewed my gum loudly. Interupting my gum chewing was the doorbell.I ran down the stairs and opened the door, I was quickly engulfed into a great big bear hug.

"Tell me everything." Alexa demanded. I explained how I entered the contest out of pure curiousity, just to see if I even had a real chance. Ande suprisingly enough, I won. When I finished she stared at me wide-eyed. I rolled my eyes and showed her the tickets. She screamed.

"Oh.My.Gawd," she said excitingly. "What if I get to meet Harry? Oh my gosh, what if I get his autograph or a picture with him?"

"Wait. Who said I was taking you to the concert?" I said jokingly.

She gave me a pouty face and pretended to cry. "I was joking Lexi. Of course I'm going to take you! It's not like Ethan would go with me." I smiled at the thought of my nine year old brother going to a One Direction concert with me.

She gave me a goofy look and smiled. "So, the concert is when?"

"Tomorrow. I need to find fancy clothes, like now!" I said, well yelled practically. Alexa rolled her eyes and ran up the stair into my room.

"No not this. Nope. Definelty not. Ew, were did this come from? A garbage can?" She said at an old dolphin shirt that I wore when I was 12. I snatched it out of her hands and put it in the trash can. While she rummaged through my closet I quietly hummed 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction.

"This is the one. This shirt, and those short shorts. And your turquoise toms." Alexa said, breaking my humming. I smiled at her choice of clothing.

"Lexi, i'm not trying to look desperate. Plus, those shorts give a full out display of my butt," I argued. "How about we take my grey over the shoulder sweater shirt, my ripped dark shorts and my dark brown belt. Along with my grey pair of toms.Okay?"

She nodded her head and smiled, knowing my outfit was better than hers. Knowing her she probably already knew what outfit she was going to wear. I wasn't dressing to impress anyone, even though I had a crush on Liam.

We sat down and began to talk about the possibilities of what might  happen tomorrow. I smiled when Alexa came up with the idea that Harry might fall in love with her. I shook my head and tried to hold back my laughter.

I received a call from my mom saying she would be home soon. Alexa rushed out of the house, saying she would see me tomorrow. I waved goodbye and smiled. Only two more hours until dad get's home. This day might turn great to awful.


A/N-Preface! Ahhh I know it's not very good, but it will get better when I'm ready to right it.

Morgan's outfit on sidebar ----------------------->

Test: Is Alexa crazy or what? Why did Lexi rush out of the house when Morgan said her mom would be home soon? Why would her day turn out to be awful when her day gets home?

Teaser: The Concert! Drama when her dad gets home....and some fangirling!

Update: Tomorrow.

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Everything About You[Coming Soon]


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