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Song One Shots

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spinner.gif -----> Maja and Lexa's shopping outfits

"Go get her. It's your turn."
"it was my turn every night this week. You go."
"But you love me and you want me to get my beauty sleep."
"I hate you, Zayn."

Maja pulled herself out of bed and dragged herself over to Lexa's cot.

"Sh, little one. What's wrong? You just wanted Mummy?"

Lexa soon quietened down and Maja tumbled back into bed. It felt like she'd only just closed her eyes as the alarm went off.

"Morning, hun I gotta go. I’m meeting the boys for breakfast. See you later."

Of he went to whatever was more important that his family and she turned back over, letting her eyelids shut again.

"So much for sleep(!) Come on then, baby. Let’s get you a bottle. Then Mummy's gonna get Auntie Danielle round so that she can get the sleep Daddy had last night."

Maja turned on the TV in the kitchen before placing Lexa in her seat as she made up a bottle.

"Hot boyband One Direction are still at the top on their eighth anniversary and it looks like nothing's gonna slow them down. When Zayn Malik announced that he had a girlfriend millions of teen girls mourned him going off the market. But when he announced his girlfriend was three months pregnant on their third anniversary girls all around the world were acting like the apocalypse (AN: Yeah, I have a thing for apocalypses [I’m convinced the world will eventually dissolve but I wouldn’t get my started] so its mentioned a fair bit when you talk to me or, I think, in my stories.) was happening. But it seems everyone's happy as the little one is coming up to her first birthday, much to Zayn's appreciation."
"Yeah, I've had thousands of tweets wishing her a happy birthday already and we've not got there yet. Maj and I are really thankful for how much everyone cares."
"Bandmate Liam Payne was asked about plans for children with fiancée Danielle and he had only one response."
"You'll have to ask Danielle. It's more her forte."
"The only person not been seen recently is Maja. Rumours are flying around that there's trouble brewing on Malik Mountain (AN: Excuse my Waltons reference. Old before my time covers it. Although, I am older than two of the movies.) and Zayn's covering up. To other news."

Maja turned the TV over to some cooking channel and pulled out her phone.

Maja Thomas @MajaMalik
Not disappeared off the face of the earth @sbiznews24 Just busy looking after my lil one whilst @zaynmalik earns his keep

"Bottle time."

Danielle Peazer @DaniellePeazer
@MajaMalik  you need a babysitter? I'm feeling maternal today :) x

Maja Thomas @MajaMalik
@DaniellePeazer sounds awesome :) x

Liam Payne @Real_Liam_Payne
Being bullied by @Harry_Styles and @Louis_Tomlinson right now @sbiznews24 what have you started?

Eleanor Calder @EleanorJCalder
How about we skip the sitting and go on a spree @MajaMalik @DaniellePeazer I wanna show @BabyTomik what fun it is!! xx

Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson
I officially apologise to @Real_Liam_Payne damn twitter..........

Lexa Malik @BabyTomik
Going shopping with Mummy and my aunties!!

Maja put her phone away and sighed. She wasn't gonna get any sleep today. But at least she wasn't stuck at home feeling knackered. Danielle and Eleanor could play with Lexa and she could just enjoy the shopping. The landline began to ring and she carried her little one over. She picked it up, slipping it between her shoulder and ear as she fed Lexa.

"Hey, Maj!"
"Tor! How are you?"
"I'm good. What you up to today?"
"Shopping. You?"
"Wondering if my niece wanted to come for tea?"
"Yeah, she'd love to. Can your great niece come too?"
"Of course! I need to meet Lexa before she gets too old."
"How about Zayn?"
"Ahh, the mystery man. I'd like to meet him. The whole family would. You said you were only gonna bring him home if you were completely serious. I’d say a one year old means pretty serious."
"They can come down before the party. I never stopped them meeting him. You know I didn't. I just said I wasn't gonna bring him home. What time do you want us round?"

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