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The Alpha's Toy


The Alpha's Toy

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Chapter 9


Diana's POV



My body was being squeezed to death as my mom kept hugging me tightly. My arms dangled by my sides because I couldn’t lift them up and wrap them around her. These mood swings of hers are getting annoying, not like they weren’t in the first place. Still, she is my mad mother and I love her.



“I’m going to cut you up and feed your parts to the rouges.” She spoke coldly glaring at me.



Sighing I tried unwrap her arms that were still tightly around me. “What did I do now?”



“I’ve missed you so much! Why didn’t you call me?” Oh god, she is starting to sound like a clingy girlfriend. Looking around I saw my pack just sitting down or standing up watching us, smiling at my misery.



“I’ve been busy…” I said thinking back to what I was doing with Camilla instead of calling her this past week.



“Honey, let your poor daughter go she looks like she is going to pass out any minute now.” My father’s voice sounded behind me and my mother instantly let me go to jump into his arms. But before they could kiss like they always do my mother takes a step back and slaps him. I let out a chuckle and his eyes snap over at me making me quickly raise my hands up in surrender.



“You didn’t call me either!” She accused, her index finger pointing at him.



Some people laughed but my father’s cold brown eyes shut them up on the spot. “I’ve been busy…” He answered rubbing the back of his head. Our pack really missed my mother and her mood swings so they were enjoying every bit of this.



“Both of you are just alike! You even come up with the same lame excuse!” She said annoyed then wrapped her arms around my dad. I looked away when they started to kiss… did I mention there are mates and deeply in love?



“What did I miss?” I hear a deep sexy voice say in my ear and I closed my eyes to not let anyone see how his voice made me feel.



“I forgot you were even here.” I said smiling to myself when I heard him let out a low growl. Knowing he couldn’t touch me, he was probably glaring at the floor like a spoiled five year old kid.



“And who is this?” My mother said looking at Angelo. The smile spilled off my face when I was about to say ‘my mate’. 



“I’m Angelo Russell, alpha of Black Blood pack.” Angelo spoke nicely and it was hard for me to look away from his shining grey eyes. So he has a nice side of him after all, or is it an act?



“You’re an alpha eh?” My mother said looking in my direction and winking at me, making it obvious to me and everyone watching us. Glaring at her she looked at Angelo who didn’t miss the wink she sent me, he was grinning broadly. Idiot.



“I’m Erica Harris. It’s nice to meet you Angelo.” My mother said happily and even hugged him.



Angelo smiled before saying, “It’s nice to meet you too.”



“Do you know Diana here?” My mom said pointing her index finger at me. Mother! Urgh…



“Yes I do-” Angelo began but my mother cut him off.



“Don’t touch her or I will cut off your balls and feed them to the rouges.” She said doing a one eighty by glaring at him the whole time she spoke. Oh god, what is with her and cutting people then afterwards feeding it to the rouges?



My father laughed, the wrinkles on the side of his face showing how old he really was. Wrapping his arm around her he said, “She is just playing around, don’t mind her.”



Angelo smiled but then looked back at me uncertain if she was really serious or not.




Angelo’s POV


Diana’s mom had long black hair and green eyes with pale skin. She was pretty alright, now I know where Diana’s get her beauty. But was she was starring strangely at me the whole time I was talking to Diana’s dad. I’m still not sure if she was serious or not… reminds me of my mother.

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