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Summer In London

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Hey everyone, thanks for being patient about my last upload. Ha, I lost my phone in Canada of course. I’m such a dork. I think that’s the second phone I’ve lost or broken. My mom is so cute, she set her phone so when I call One Thing plays. Oh, she knows me to well, even though I got stuck with her crappy old phone. Well I’m done blabbing on.. Anyway, enjoy .






I looked around the spotless kitchen with a smile on my face. Everything looked so nice. The stainless steel dishwasher and fridge sparkled like they were new, and the floor was actually back to its original color. This was the cleanest I had ever seen the kitchen.


“We did a good job,” Harry exclaimed from where he was resting on the couch, looking down at his phone like usual.


Rolling my eyes, I sighed. “You mean us girls did a good job, because I barley recall you helping us,” I stated looking back at Ashley. Danielle and Eleanor had left after most of the cleaning was done, but I didn’t mind because they weren’t really the cause of the food fight anyway. But all together they did more work than any of the guy’s.


“What do you mean? I worked my bum off cleaning that kitchen, love,” Harry said sarcastically, even though it wasn’t funny.


Louis got up from his spot on the sofa and made his way into the kitchen. He started reaching for one of the kitchen cabinets before I slapped his hand away. “No way are you doing anything in this room. It is off limits for the rest of the night!”


Louis frowned. “But I was going to make your birthday cake. Don’t think I forgot love, I never forget a good friend’s birthday!”


I rolled my eyes at his statement. I had forgotten tomorrow was my birthday, even after the horrible conversation I overheard between Lena and Harry. She must have left afterwards because I hadn’t seen her since.


“We’re going to get drunk!” Harry shouted, throwing his hands into the air and jumping off the couch.


“Maybe a few drinks, but it’s not like Avalon can get used to drinking or anything, when she goes back to America she won’t be able to drink,” Louis said.


I frowned when I thought of going home. There I was trapped in my mother’s home, forced to follow all her rules. I mean, I would be able to go to college, but that wasn’t even what I wanted to do. All I wanted to do was travel the world.


I looked around the room searching for the other guys. They must have gone up to bed or something. “Well, don’t get too excited for tomorrow guys. I’m not that much fun, but I’m going up to bed.”


After giving Louis a goodnight hug, I made my way towards the stairway. I was almost there when Harry’s voice filled the room. “I think you’re forgetting something love,” he stated getting off his butt and walking over to where I was standing.


I turned to face his beautiful eyes, and once I saw them everything in my body melted. He always had that effect on me. "What are you thinking Avalon? Don’t you remember the conversation you overheard earlier?" I told myself.


“Really because I don’t think I forgot anything,” I said in a sarcastic tone, even though I wasn’t being sarcastic.


“I think you did!”


Before I could react his arms were already around me, my body pushed up against his. My heart raced wildly as we stood in the kitchen holding each other close. I wanted to stay that way forever, never letting Harry slip out of my hands, but I hesitantly pulled away.


I gazed up at him for a moment longer, cheeks burning with embarrassment. Why did he always make me feel this way? Just as I was about to turn around and head up for good he said, “I’m sorry if you weren’t ready for that kiss.”


I was shocked by his words. Why was he even bringing the kiss up? “If I remember correctly, I was the one who kissed you,” I stated truthfully, “but I’m sorry too.”


He chuckled before doing his signature shake to the hair. “I’m glad it happened though,” he replied in almost a whisper.

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Ariana Grande as Avalon
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