"Tha' was so much fun!" Cherrie clapped as we walked through her front door. "We shou' do tha' more often!"

     I laughed and scratched the back of my neck. "I don't know if I could make it through another one of your shopping trips..." We chuckled and hauled all of my twenty shopping bags into the house. I counted them-trust me there really is twenty. We quickly put them away into the drawers of the room I was staying in.

     I pulled out my new Ipod and Cherrie clapped. "Yay! I ge' to e'pose yer virgin ears to music!" She skipped with delight to her computer and plugged my ipod into it. "Hmm...Wha' should we name yer Ipod?" She turned to me curiously.

     I shook my head. "I don't know..." I picked up Orion and pet him softly, who would leave this adorable puppy out in the cold?

     "Oy! I got it." She smirked and typed in 'olive of the gods'. Wow. "I made ye a playlis' of songs tha' I'm pre'y sure you'll like!" Cherrie laughed and uploaded 'Olive' to my ipod. The computer told us that it would take at least an hour to finish downloading from Cherrie's Itunes account. She sighed contently at her job well done and turned to Orion and I.

     "Wha' are we gonna do with ye?" Cherrie picked Orion out of my arms and held him. She petted him while she thought out load. "I think I have an old dog cage 'e can sleep in, bu' he will be doin' his business outside!" She gave him a look. Almost immediately, Orion jumped from her hands and ran to the sliding door. He pawed at it politely. 

     Amused, I ran over and opened the door for him. Bravely, the puppy ran into the storm to do his business, then came back inside-drenched to the bone. I chuckled and quickly got a towel to dry him. Cherrie checked the downloading process and groaned. "It's up ter TWO 'ours!"

     To occupy ourselves, Cherrie and I went over baby names. She said she didn't know the sex of the baby, she wanted it to be a surprise.

     "Hm...well if it is a boy...I think Rex." I laughed and Cherrie's face twisted into a weird look of dislike.

     "Woah, woah, woah! Li'e ther dinosaur? Na." She giggled.

     "Okay. Fine, Alexander, Alex for short. " I smiled and rested my cheek atop my hand.

     "Hmm.." Cherrie popped a piece of popcorn into her mouth and thought it over. "Ya! I li'e it. Wha' about a girl?"

     I sighed. "Arethena. Especially if she were mine." The name brought so many mixed feelings it hurt.

     "Arethena?" Cherrie raised a brow. "Pre'y, bu' strange. 'Ow'd ye come up with tha'?"

     "It's a mix between Ares and Athena." I informed her. "It's what I wanted my mom to name Penny, but she obviously didn't."

     Cherrie got up, a difficult feat with her stomach so ballooned. "I ha'e some'ing for ye."

     "Oh no. The clothes were more than enough." I sighed, but followed her anyway.

     "Actually, if ye would believe it or no, this wasn' from me." She smirked at me.

     "Oh?" I ate some popcorn as she lead me and chuckled as Orion ran to keep up with us. "Then who? You are the only person who knows me here."

     "I don' know, but it was lef' on me doorstep t'is mornin' with a note tha' said 'for Olive'. I ha'n't opened it yet." She pulled open a drawer in the kitchen, and took out a small brown box tied with a chocolate brown ribbon.

     Silently, I took the box and bit my lip. Slowly, I opened the lid, to reveal a golden chain necklace with an oval shaped locket hanging on the end. Painted on the locket was a bow and arrow. I fingered the painting, and slipped on the necklace, wondering what it meant.