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Bitter Sweet Love ( Sequal to "I Wont Hurt You" )


Ray's POV

She starred out the door blankly, I guess she aint know what to say.

"So what you wanna do?" She looked my way. "You wanna make this right or go our seperate ways? Cause I can't take it anymore either."

"I was thinking... We could.." I trailed off. "We could work it out, you know. Make this.. Us work" I looked up at her.

"Look are you serious about this? I mean you've seen me I havent been the same. As much as I hate to say it I need you in my life, and thats the straight up truth. The feelings I have for you are stronger then I thought. I thought I could just leave you and move on like any other ex of mine. But obviously we weren't together for almost a yr and half for just 'feelings' . This is love I have for you & I just want you to love me back Rayon. Thats all I ask, and you know Im not with that soft lovey dovey iish & sentimental crap, but Im telling you this and opening up. So at least give me credit for that"

She poured out to me. I was in shock cause Tetee, Leah & Shayla always had these gaurds up with everyone. They felt like it was them against the world. Leah even told me they made a pak to never cry infront of a nigga or because of one. The thing with Shayla is she been through so much she had no choce but to drop her gaurds. And Leah she had to soften up in order to be in a relationship and stop being so mean. Tetee she was still fiesty, I liked that about her, but for her to let her gaurds down and open up to me like this meant so much. It was alot to take in.

"Im beyond serious about this. I miss you Taleah, not tetee but Taleah my heart. I aint gone lie, I shed a few tears myself. I couldnt talk to nobody about it, I miss you more than anything. My life is so dead without you, I swear I didn't mean to hurt you. I been trying to apologize for the longest, my pride stood in the way. Im begging for your forgiveness. I was wrong, I know I was and Im sorry. Just... please just hear me out on this. Im serious I want you back and I never wanna loose you again. If its cool with you I want my Princess back" I reached for her hand. She hesitated to take mines, but soon enough she did & I pulled her into a kiss. I kissed her like it was the end of the world, like I would never see her again. I missed her perfectly shaped, soft lips against mine, her strawberry kiwi lip gloss.


Shayla's POV

Everybody's coming in from school & Shawn is going off at the mouth about some girl. As usual. Tetee & Leah showered, changed their clothes then came in my room to sit with me and the babies. Tae left out with Dre somewhere since he hasn't been out the house all day.

"What you been doing all day Shay Rose?" Leah asked.

"Watching my babies." I smiled "How was school?"

"School was school. But Jay, Khalill, Trvais & Shawn throwing a party this saturday" Leah smiled.

"Me & Ray back together" Tetee smiled so hard. She was so happy & so was I. I havent seen her smile in over a month. I reached to give her a hug, I wanted to jump up and down but my body is still sore so that was not finna happen.

"Im so happy for you girl" I said.

"Right. I miss my baby Dre. Every since school started we havent seen each other as much because he goes to Clarkson now. I dont know why he transferred there when he could have came here. He claims he has family there.

"Clarkson ?" Me & Tetee said on point.

"I know. He aint apart of that beef though, he new to this side of town so don't trip."

Dj started crying as she finished & I looked over at him, then Denaya woke up. Its like one cry then the other does too. I went to pick up Dj & Leah picked up Nay.

"Girll he looks just like knuckle head" Tetee looked at Dj.

"Shhh" I laughed. "He looks good then."

"Lil boy got swag" Leah yelled from the nursery, she had went in there looking at their clothes and things.

"DADDDYYYYSSS HOMEEEE" I hear yellign downstairs. Theyre back already, wow.

"Where my baby?" I heard Dre's Voice. Leah backflipped and did 360 spins and kartwheels outta my room trying to get to that boy. Like it not that serious.

"Here.. I'll take him" Tetee offered to hold Dj too. She could see that I wanted to go see Tae.

"Thanks.. Love you girl" I smiled and made my way out my room and downstairs. He welcomed me with open arms. I jumped into his arms, I havent given him agood nice hug in a while. Even though I had seen him earlier I felt ike I hadn't seen him all dat.

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Kirko Bangzas Delunte
Christina Milianas Shayla
Khalil Shariefas Khalil
Jawan Harrisas Travis
Langstonas Jay
Ace Primoas Brian
Chris (all about chris show)as Dre
Chris Brownas Chris

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