“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” 

Mom.’’ I called from upstairs I was still very sad and gloomy because Kevin got adopted. I haven’t seen him in 2 days. I had skipped work for this whole entire week it had become my hobby. I heard footsteps come up the stairs and my door opened

Yes sweetie.’’ My mom answered she walked through my door and sat comfortably on my bed

Did you know that Kevin was adopted.’’ I asked her I knew she had to find out before me since Fiona was her friend.

Oh, so she told you.’’ My mom retorted she too had a sad expression. My mom had visited Kevin before and she fell in love with his beautiful smile, his big brown distracting eyes and his skin that felt like silk. That was her grandson after all.

Why didn’t you tell me mom.’’ I asked her even though I knew that she knew I was still a little heart broken that she wouldn’t tell me that my own son had gotten adopted.

Honey I wanted you to find out for yourself plus if you would’ve did the little outburst you had done with Fiona I wouldn’t have handled it as well as she did.’’ Guilt abruptly washed over me because I yelled at Fiona

I wasn’t thinking, strangers took my son they could be doing anything to him right now.’’ I told her, it hurts every time I thought about Kevin being with complete strangers. I couldn’t imagine him calling anyone else mommy but me it actually hurts too much to think.

I know you don’t have to explain yourself I’m sure any mother like you would have done the same if they were in your situation, maybe worse you just have to get the rest of the month over with before you can go to court and get that grandson of mines back.’’ She said reassuring me I looked at her and hugged her to show my appreciation

Thanks mom where would I be without you.’’ I told her a tear coming out my eye my court date was on the 15th of May and I didn’t believe I could go 3 whole weeks without seeing Kevin the most I ever went without seeing him was 2 days and I almost went crazy with hurt. Everywhere I looked reminded me of Kevin and I could already tell this was going to be the worst 15 days of my life I never though I could love a guy again after I had got raped but my love for Kevin proved me wrong.

You should call some friends to help get your mind off of Kevin.’’ My mom insisted I shook my head at her she glanced over at the snotty tissues and the clothes pile by the door. She shook her and left my room. I grabbed my phone off the charger on the nightstand and scrolled through my contacts. Only people who were in there was Alayna and some of my friends from when I was in school. I punched in Alayna’s number and called her.

You have reached Alayna leave a message at the beep and I will be sure to call you back. Her voicemail said I hung up the phone in frustration I hated leaving people voicemails they never called back. I looked through more of my contacts I stopped when Nate’s name popped up on my screen and beyonce’s voice rung in my head.

Hello.’’ I answered the phone I was totally confused I don’t remember ever giving him my number.

Hello to you.’’ He said in his Australian accent that I believe he only used with me to make me blush.

How did you get my number.’’ I asked him getting straight to the point I didn’t want to waste time talking to someone that I barley knew

Well, I stopped by your house to see if you wanted to do something but, instead I figured out that your house is actually your friend’s house so she gave me your number.’’ He said putting enfaces on the word your I smiled a cheesy smile thankful that he couldn’t see how guilty I looked right now