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Silk and Roses (Book One) - First Draft

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Chapter Five

I was like a sleepwalker for the whole day. I wasn't sure if it had happened to me in a dream or in reality. I just sat there in the kitchen with my coffee mug in front of me, and listened to my teenager sister who talked about almost everything. I reviewed it in my mind one more time, just to make sure that it hadn't been a silly dream.

I had gone to the bar for a drink, met this sweet and sexy girl, whom I had taken to the Palazzo. We had stayed there for an hour, done nothing but crazy sex, then she had left sooner. I had been dizzy all night because it was too perfect for a one night stand, and now, this morning, the same girl was in my brother's kitchen, chattering happily to my sister, and she happened to be my older sister's fucking stepdaughter!

Hell, no! Can't be happening.

Why didn't Rosa shut up for God's sake? Couldn't she see my head was bursting?

Ok, one more time; this time, cut the details: I had slept with my stepsister’s stepdaughter who was, by accident, my real sister's friend too. And she was sitting in front of me now.

Why was she offering me some kind of pastry, and smiling?

Pasta?” she asked with a faint smile.

I looked at her in horror. It was her, holy mother of God, it was her. And now I could see why she had looked familiar the night before. She had her father’s freaking eyes, and my step-sister’s manners. Of course, who else could teach a girl to flirt so professionally with some random guy in a bar? 

I glanced at the piece of cake she was offering me, my mind still frozen on who she was and what I had done with her.

“No, thanks,” I mumbled.

“I'll have some,” Rosa said quickly and grabbed the plate from her.

I was still looking at the girl whom I had insanely made love to just some hours ago, and I had no idea how she could stand there and watch me with that dreamy smile on her lips.

“Sugar?” she passed the sugar bowl to me, and I could swear to God she was flirting again.

“No,” I pulled the sugar bowl closer. “Yes.”

Now I was desperate.

“Cream?” she battered her eyelashes with a sweet smile.

Ok, she was playing. Why not? She should have been the same age as Rosa, still going to high school. This should be nothing but a game for her.

I took a deep breath as I sweetened my coffee. I peeped at Rosa who was busy digging into a big piece of tart, then I looked at the girl - Tina - again.

“Tina, huh?” I whispered.

“Renzo, right?!” she whispered back, a playful smile on her pretty glossed lips.

“God,” I sighed and stopped stirring my coffee.

She giggled and bit her lips. “It was so cool,” she said.

Before I wanted to say something, we heard Rosa's excited voice. “What is cool?” she asked, sitting beside Tina, in front of me.

“Nothing.” I answered curtly, and looked at Tina. She was still smiling at me. I took my mug and left the kitchen, but I could hear them chattering and chuckling behind me.

'She won't tell her a word,' I repeated to myself. 'She won't.' But again, what if she did? What if she was one of those girls who couldn't keep a secret? A teenager who disguised herself like an adult and let a complete stranger pick her up in a bar, what kind of a girl could that be? Well, that was so much Tina. Her stepmom, my stepsister, that Tina, it was all her artwork. What did I expect?

I went to the balcony, sat in the sun and stared at my coffee. I didn't know if there was anything to do at all to fix it. It was completely out of my hand. I could only sit and pray that she kept her mouth shut, otherwise...

“There you are,” I heard my mother's kind voice. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all.” I turned and smiled at her. She was wonderful, the best person you could know, and I was proud that she was my mother.

“You didn't have to wake up so soon.” she kissed my head gently.

I sighed. “I'm ok, mom,” and that was a lie. 

She looked at me with worry. “You look so pale,” she said.

“Yes, it's-” it definitely had no connection to my lack of sleep. “It's ok.”

She sat beside me, now watching me with guilt. “It was my fault keeping you up all night,” she said kindly.

“Don't worry,” I shot her a reassuring smile. “I will live.”

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Chapter Five


Raffaello Balzoas Mario Bellini
Vanessa Hessleras Tina Verri
Monica Belluccias Tina Bellini
Ralph Fiennes as Franco Verri
Logan Lermanas Marco Verri
Susan Sarandonas Laura Simone
Travis Fimmelas Leo Taylor
Patrick Dempsey as Gino Taylor
Lucy Haleas Susanna Bellini
Pedro Soltzas Paolo Bellini
Shia LaBeouf as Loca Bellini
Amanda Bynes as Rosa Bellini
Aishwarya Rai as Catherine Bellini
Carla Guginoas Rita Bellini

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