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I Dare You to Love Me. (Lirry Palyes.)


Ch. 17. Happy Birthday.

Niall POV.


I ran to Louis' room crashing into the bed, he grunted stirring in his sleep. "Niall ... what do you want?" He groan turning over so I fell off him.

"Babe, it's your birthday," I whispered into his ear. "Don't you want your present?" He turned around facing me, a sheepish smile on his face, his eyes still closed. Even now he looked beautiful.

"What's my present?"

"Why don't you unwrap it and see," I smirked flirtatiously. He sat up and nuzzled his nose against mine before connecting our lips, the same tingling sensation ran through my body. His lips moved slowly, softly on mine leaving a small gap open. He gripped my shirt pulling me on top of him, I followed his movement. His hand went to the nape of my neck deepening the kiss, his tongue skimmed my bottom lip and I let him in without any hesitation, after all it is his birthday. I reached to the nightstand where I hid a little surprise for him. I pulled out the whip cream dangling it in the air.

He broke the kiss staring at the spray bottle I wiggled in my hand, "What's that?" He asked raising his eye brows, he propped himself on his elbows.

"Just something to get your motor running," I wiggled my brows. He giggled, I pulled his shirt over his head leaving his tone body out, I licked my lips shaking the whip cream. I opened the top spraying it down his chest and torso in a straight line, then across his pelvis. I started to kiss the cream off, his eyes closed in pleasure, a dirty smirk on his face. I ran my tongue over his body picking up the cream, he moaned arching his back as I ran my tongue over his pelvis. I pulled his blanket back spreading his legs, I sprayed the cream on his inner thighs, he shivered as I ran my tongue over it. I sucked the whip cream off longer than I should leaving him with a lovebite, he moaned throwing his head back.

I took his hand handing him the bottle, "Spray wherever you want me to clean up." I instructed, he smiled spraying the whip cream in his mouth. I crawled on top of him straddling his cream covered body. I kissed him running my tongue inside his mouth scooping up the whip cream. He moaned as I left his, he sprayed on his sweet spot of his neck. I bend down sucking on his deeply, I wanted him to wake up with a thousand lovebites. He moaned again as I licked his neck taking the last of the cream off. Louis groaned flipped us over so he was in between my leg.

"You teasing little leprechaun," I moaned grinding his crotch on mine. The suddenly the door opened.

"Happy birthday Lou- HOLY CRAP!" Zayn ran out of the room closing the door, "I- I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday."

"I have that covered Zayn! Unless you want to join!" I yelled back jokingly.

"Are you serious?" Louis asked half smiling.

"Are you?"

"Well Zayn in pretty hot," he winked.

"I'm not good enough?" He smiled leaning down to kiss me.

"You're always good enough for me," he mumbled against my lips, I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him closer.


I clumbed out of bed kissing Louis' sleeping figure, I smiled before leaving the room closing the door behind me. Zayn was sitting on the couch watching TV, I sat next to him giving a nod. I wonder where Liam and Harry are, they said they might be heading out but I haven't seen them since we went out on our double date. I shrugged they're probably just sleep or something.

"Hey, have you seen Harry and Liam?" I asked Zayn, he shrugged.

"I don't know, but they did say they were going out later so ..." oh yeah they did, I wonder how Liam is holding up. I know he wasn't doing too well with the Harry relationship thing, but I saw them cuddled up the couch and talking about secret dating so everything must me fine. I really do hope things work out between them, Liam looks so happy around Harry and the way Harry looks at him, it reminds me of the way I look at Louis. Because Louis is my life, I would do anything for him, and today is his special day so I want to make sure he has the best birthday ever. I got up and decided I should make Louis some breakfast in bed. I'm not the best cook but simple toast and jam can't be there hard.

I quick the toast and jam idea once I burned the third piece of toast, maybe this isn't my specialty, where's Harry? He's a good cook, maybe he can help me. I threw the burn bread out and walked to Harry's room, that's odd, It's completely empty, maybe he spent the night in Liam's, again empty. I looked around, some of his bags were pack, did they take a trip or something? I looked around some more and say a piece of paper on Liam's bed.

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