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True love


I’m not crazy…………. Ok maybe I am. You can’t blame for being it. I mean I saw my fellow district partner beheaded in front of me. I’m only alive thanks to Finnick Odair. After I (Annie Cresta) won the 70th annual hunger games, things got weird. Finnick was never around. I got called crazy. The capitol didn’t bother me. When they announced that for the third Quarter Quell that victors would be going back in I lost it. I bolted over to finnicks house. I knocked on the door. “Finnick, Finnick!” I kept yelling. He opened the door “Annie? Are you ok?” “Did you hear?” I asked. “Yes, Now Annie come inside your soaking wet” I looked at myself and around me. “I didn’t even know it was raining” I said walking inside. “I’ll get you some warm dry clothes” He said walking toward his bedroom. I followed him. He gave me pajamas some that he kept for me. He left me to change. Once I was dressed I walked out into his living room. “Finnick can I stay here for the night” I asked him while I stood in the door way. “Of course you can Annie” he said smiling. He pats the seat next to him. I walk over and sit by him. I curl up into a ball. “Annie are you Okay?” I don’t reply “Annie answer me”  “Finnick what if I get reaped again” I say looking at him. “Annie I won’t let you get reaped” At that moment we both looked into each other’s eyes. I’ve known finnick for ages since we were toddlers. I’ve never told finnick I loved him I know I should but….. I’m scared he won’t love me back. Then something happened. He kissed me! I mean full on lip to lip kiss. It got more passionate by the minute. I felt so lightheaded like nothing could go wrong like I belonged in his arms. We finally had to get some air. He looked at me lovingly “Annie Cresta I love you.” I gasped “I love you too finnick” we stayed up all night long that night kissing and talking. The day the reaping came I was a mess.

I am about to lose it the capitol freak walks out on stage he does normally does. I stare off into the distance suddenly I hear my name. “ANNIE CRESTA” I was going back into the arena. I put my hands over my ears. This couldn’t be happening to me not again! My head snaps over at finnick he looks like he might lose it but then my old mentor mags takes my spot. Then it’s the boys turn. “FINNICK ODAIR” I scream. No not him not the man I love. I can’t remember the rest. All I remember are the peacekeepers toke me to my house.

I tried to fight them, i couldn't believe it. I was going to loose him. I only just got him. It felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. It hurt to breathe, there was a sudden pressure on my chest and I leaned on something to try and clam down. The peacekeeper try to calm be down but I scream out a bit, calling for Finnick but he can't hear me. I want to be left alone with him. Just us and no more of these games. I want my love but they stole him from me. I looked up at the sky as it started to rain. I normally felt peace and relaxation when it rained but today it only made me worse. It hides the tears that fell freely from my eyes and I put my hands in my hair, pulling a bit, crying in frustration. I fall to the ground. I couldn’t take losing him. I am losing everything, my love, my heart and already most of my mind. Why can't they end these games? They will never understand what it’s like to be us. To work for them. I think about the kisses from last night and I can still feel them on my lips and it only makes me cry harder. There is a chance he can win, I tell myself but it brings no hope or calming ease to my mind, more so making it worse than better. Everyone calls me crazy but they never have been in my situation. To win their games and try to be who I was. It’s not possible. Something like that changes you in more ways than one. You can never go back once you have been there and killed someone. Knowing you ended a life to keep yours going.

I haven’t left my room in days. I’m as skinny as a district 12 child. I have food to spare but I can’t eat. I get sick. All I can think about is finnick and if he will come back to me. I walk out of my room. It’s the night of the chariot rides. I sit down and turn on the screen. I watch for him. Districts 1, 2, 3 come by than 4 appears. He looks stunning! I feel myself blush. He’s barely wearing anything. I want to be in his arms, to be kissed to be with him forever. I slowly start to feel more hatred for the Capitol. They are preparing my love to die. They display him around like a doll and then they watch him die. They cheer or die if he dies then send him home in a wooden box. I can't believe this, be both survived and now one of us is going to die. The thought he might have a chance to win is in my mind but it angers me. I watch as District 12 appears and the star crossed lovers appear on the screen. My heart goes out to them but I feel a bit of hate to them. One of them might kill my true love and they will never know how much pain it will cause me. I think someone can die for heart break. I think I will be the one to prove that right. I watch as the chariots disappear and I turn the screen off and go to my bed room, to cry as I wipe my face to the tears that are already flowing freely and onto the floor. I hold my head and scream. Then I heard a huge bang. People in white came rushing in and grabbed me.

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