what i most desire of you

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"you whore" I said running away. 

"marck stop its not what it looks like" Mira my soon to be-ex told me running after me.

I ran to a dark alley and hid there till i knew there was no sign of her. I sighed and got up remembering i still had the roses in my hand. 

"fuck"some of the thorns slashed into my skin revealing a river of blood. But i couldn't care less i had to get away mira might find me and give me all this bull shit. "baby it isnt what it looks like oh im sorry please give me another chance" blah blah blah. I couldnt keep thinking of her i took my ipod out and listened to music taking the thorns out. 

i kept walking and taking the thorns untill i bumped into someone falling down. 

"Watch were your going!"i said getting up and looking at the asswipe who bumped into me. he got up looking at me. i looked at him closely and  noticed it wasnt a guy (yeah yeah she didnt have short hair or shit but my sight was blurry.) she was wearing all black holding a big box full of what seemed water colors. 

"Oh sorry do you need help?" i said blushing and looking at her. 

"Umm no I'm really sorry" She said picking up the paints and brushes. 

"Please i feel like an idiot bumping into you" 

"Good you should" She said with a smirk.

"Oh i see then, then i will help you if you like it or not" I said grabing the box.

"Fine then i won't stop you" she smiled "Why are you bumping into inocent little girls by the way?"

"I'm trying to get away from someone. Why are you holding a big box of water colors and paints?" 

"I was just trying to show off my amazing colors you know all rockstars need them to kill unicorns" she said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Haha fuck you" i said looking at her.

"Hey you asked" 

"Whatever " i said looking around for mira. 

"Seriosly who are you looking for?" she said looking at me. 

"No one just trying to get away from someone again tell me why do you have this box full of colors are you an artist or something?"

"Yeah i actually am" She said still looking at me like she was made of stone.

"What? am i that gorgeous? you know if you need someone to model for you i can do it you know we can make a private session i can take my clothe of and you can draw me" I told her giving her a cocky smile and putting the box down wrapping my arms around her waist. 

sure enough it was scaring her. I smirked felling her tense up.

"Stranger danger, stranger danger!! "She screamed punching my chest.

 "Stop it no ones gonna help you thats life kid "

"Stranger danger people!!! God you pricks help!!!"She screamed at the top of her lungs.

"seriously stop your hurting my ears just tell me what your god damn name is" I covered my ears looking at her.

 "Sorry but im not suppose to talk to strangers like you..you..you raper"

"IM NO RAPER MIJA ME-JUST-ASKING-FOR-YOUR-NAME!!!" I told her smaking her hand and grabing the box.

"Tu menza"  


"Nothing now where are you going mrs.?" I smiled.

"Don't call me mrs. And can you help me carry my stuff to my apartment?"  "Sure where are your parents anyway"


"Oh" I felt kinda bad for her and stupid for asking her. stupid  this is gonna cost me.. We walked 2 blocks till we got to a some weird ass apartments. We wents into an apartment that seemed more like a small house isolated from the other ones.She opened the door and lead me in.

Wow this chick had it all a plasma tv a small couch she even had a candy dispenser much better than my apartment.