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The Original (On Hold until further notice :/ I'm sowwy)

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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: I'm sorry and because of the abrupt ending to the last part I've decided to cut you all a break and give you Team Alexander fans (cough everyone who comments thus far cough) a little something special in this one okay? Hope this makes up for it all! A lot of Alexander//Alora Point of views in this one.


I swallowed a smile and perked up when I heard Zander moving on the other side of the door, "Zander you have something?" 

More movement and shuffling then, "Yes." 

I smiled as Alexander straightened next to me too and asked, "Well what can she do? 

His one worded answer was simple and to the point, but it made my breath fault as it sunk into the air around me with finality, "Sing."

**** Common Grounds Tilted Around **** (Try for 8 comments now? Dedication to ElfPrincessForever for the song choice of Beautiful Goodbye-Maroon five, go blame her for the awesomeness!)

I bit my lip already self conscious, "You want me to sing?" 

"If you're Fire, you'll sing good." He responded easily to which all I could think was, Touche little boy, touche. 

I sighed and stood up, fully aware of Alexander watching my every movement closely and that only furthered my feelings of anxiousness and the nerves... the nerves were bugging. I ran a hand threw my hair, once... twice... three times... 

Okay come on now... we can sing... we know we can sing... we've won awards for singing...  

So what? I'm still nervous... what if Alexander thinks my singing is horrible? What if I choke... literally? 

Before I could freak myself out further I found myself pulling out my I-Pod and tucking in one of my little ear buds, deep breath now... this is for the little guy... 

I had some of my own recorded works on here but I wasn't about to start singing that, no sirree, so instead I scrolled down to shuffle and with one click I closed my eyes and waited for the song to drip in. When it did I rolled my eyes, because of course as fate would have it, it would be a song that Scarlet had forced upon me that I'd grown fond of. 

Maroon 5's Beautiful Goodbye ... I listened to the static cords and was able to get in one nice steady breath before I had to let the lyrics flow, when I did my voice pitched upwards.... perfectly. I leaned back on the door and let my eyes slide closed as I opened my mouth to sing, my voice coming out rather smooth seeing as how my nerves just second ago were a jumbled mess. Once the first lyric was out however everything else ceased to exist and it was just the beats and notes in my ears, and the peaking pitch of my voice forming words that came all too easily to me. 

"I count the ways I let you down  

All my fingers and toes but I'm running out 

Clever words can't help me now...."

**~ Alexander's P.O.V. ~** 

I watched as she stood up and paced a little, appearing frazzled as she raked a shaky hand through her hair, sending her locked curls askew. I remained seated on the floor so I didn't move and disrupt her as she fumbled about with her I-Pod, what would she sing? 

Could she sing? Well she must be able to since Zander seems to think this is the only way to prove she's still... good... 

I watched her body heave slightly and her cheeks fill with air as she seemed to gather her thoughts, I straightened slightly to pay closer attention. Her hands hung loose at her sides as she leaned back against the door but I noticed her fingers that rested on her thighs were tapping along to an unheard beat. 

Then her mouth opened and my breath faltered to a complete hault... 

Oh my god.

**~ Alora's P.O.V. ~** 

There was a lengthy beat of silence after the song ended and I felt the weight of a thousand stares rest upon me, peeling back my eyelids I peaked around through my eyelashes to see the others have come up from down stairs and were looking at me with dumbfounded expressions. Thankfully before I or anyone said anything the door I'd been leaning on was whipped open and I was falling down onto my back. I groaned at the sudden impact with the floor, but before I could properly feel the ache in my bones Zander was tackling me into quite possibly the tightest hug ever... and that's counting Hunter's bear hugs. I let out a low chuckle, "Hey handsome." 

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Ian Somerhalderas Alexander
Amanda Stenbergas Rebel
Taylor Swiftas Scarlet/Scar
Colton Haynes as Adam
Colton Haynes as Jared
Ed Westwickas Vincent
Jessica Stamas Alora
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