The Kissing List

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The Kissing List


It all started with a remark from Dominique McQueen, the bitch of the A-Listers.

My girlfriends and I had been sitting in the school cafeteria, discussing boys. Well they were, at least.

“Ryland Moore is super cute,” Addison told us, pushing her vibrant red hair behind her ear as she discreetly stared at Ryland and his friends. She must have noticed I wasn’t really listening, since she said: “Right, Marnie?”

“Um, I guess,” I replied nonchalantly, uninterested in the topic itself.

Tilly playfully elbowed my arm before saying, “Marnie, not ‘I guess’. He’s totally hot. You know, I’m really not surprised you’ve never had a boyfriend.”

I didn’t respond, but instead rolled my eyes at her.  Of course, that wasn’t the last I had heard about it...

“What? No way!” Dominique laughed, poking her nose in without shame and looking right at me as her blonde, brainless posse stood behind her, laughing. “You’ve never had a boyfriend?”

Seriously, I was questioning myself about how much people actually knew about me. I hadn’t had a boyfriend, and I wasn’t ashamed of it either.

“Leave it out, Dom,” Addison told Dominique, not looking away from Ryland. Addison was the only one that actually, sort of got a lot with Dominique. Addison could have been an addition to Dominique’s clique if she wanted to, but she preferred hanging with us. They bitch too much, she’d tell us. Addison was always between being an A-Lister, and a B-Lister like the rest of us girls.

 Ignoring Addison’s comment, Dominique asked me, “So let me get this straight, you’ve never been kissed?”

Rolling my eyes, I asked, “What’s the big deal?”

What was the big deal? I honestly didn’t want a boyfriend, or to be kissed. Boys were never of my interest. Not yet, anyway. High School boys are a waste of time, there’s a big chance they’ll break your heart, and a fat chance you’ll even be together within a series of months.

To her plastic posse, Dominique whispered, “She couldn’t get a boyfriend, anyway, let alone kiss somebody.” Even though it had been a whisper, it was obviously for my ears too.

This was the thing about Dominique; she was a bitch to everyone that wasn’t an A-Lister, or wasn't to A-Lister standards, like Addie is. She’d be mean to the A-Listers too, if there wasn’t the chance that they’d be twice as mean back. That’s just how Dominique rolled, though – mean and dirty.

“That’s not even true,” I retorted, my annoyance heightening at the moment. Why couldn’t she just leave already?

As soon as those words had left my mouth, Dominique’s gaze averted back to me. Her face held as much expression as Kirsten Stewart, and then she half-smiled, one side of her lips curving up.

I could tell by her face expression that she wasn’t happy that I’d replied back to her. And if I must admit to myself, she was quite intimidating. I couldn't let her know that, however.

Finally, she had spoken up. “If it’s ‘not even true’,” Dominique began, mimicking my voice, making me sound whiney and annoying, “then why don’t you prove it.” She smirked at me, raising her left eyebrow.

“And how do you expect me to do that?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, she replied, “Easy. I’m going to give you a list of names of boys you have to kiss.”

Nearly falling off the bench due to her amusing words, I attempted to restore my composure. Was she completely insane? That’s just wrong on so many levels.

“No way!” I laughed, even though I wasn’t even happy. In fact, I was still pissed off.

“Oh, okay,” Dominique said softly. She turned around and begun walking off. I was quite surprised at how her reaction was so natural and nice for once. But of course, that wasn’t all she had to say.

“It’s only because there’s no way in hell anybody would want her, and she knows it.” Her whisper was so false it was like she wanted me to hear.

I stood up from the bench, feeling the blood under my skin boil. Without thinking, I spat, “I’ll do it. I’ll prove you wrong, Dominique McQueen."

But little did I know how much my decisions would affect not only me, but the people around me, too.

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The Kissing List


Lucy Haleas Marnie Hill
Ariana Grande as Addison Lee
Samantha Boscarinoas Tilly Williamson
Claire Holtas Dominique McQueen
Nick Rouxas Matthew "Matty" Lynch
Brant Daughertyas Alec Lawson
Austin Butleras Wes Austin
Beau Mirchoffas Soren Crenshaw
Drew Royas Douglas Kent
Logan Lermanas Ryland Moore
Paddy Mitchellas Darryl Shayne
Steven R. McQueenas Stephen Ryback
Francisco Lachowskias Tyler Vieira
Mitch Heweras Scott Anderson
Douglas Boothas Trevor Prescott

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