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Okay, this chapter sucks.  I'm going to flat out be honest here.  When I said I'd be posting it today, I originally thought I'd have finished it earlier today.  Around noon, maybe?  But it's now 2am, and I've completely given up trying to make it sound good.  For some reason, the words just weren't flowing for me.

Guess we all have these days every now and then, right?

Anyway, so this was going to be longer, but I just couldn't continue it.  I'm so sorry, but I hope you enjoy this anyway! 

Chapter 15 will be posted sooner, there will be some fun stuff going on (because I don't know about you, but Louis hasn't done any pranking yet....  In fact, none of the boys have.  That's about to change), annd I swear it will be WAY longer than this chapter was!

Also, quickly, I want to thank you all for all of your voting and commenting on the last two chapters especially!  65 votes on Chapter 13??  That's the most votes any of the chapters have received so far before the upload of the next chapter!  Which is amazing!  So thank you all SO much!!  (:  Honestly, you have no idea how much it means to me that you guys are willing to take the time to vote and comment like that.  I swear I have the best fans in the world.

All authors say that, though, don't they? (:  I mean it.

Okay, let's see if you can work you amazing voting and commenting skills again on THIS chapter?? (:  Pleeeeaasee!!?

Song of the Day: God Must've Spent by Cady Groves (cover of N-Sync's God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You -- from Rockin' Romance II)


Jenner Perry

                It didn’t matter that Zayn had pulled away a good five minutes ago, or that Aubrey’s eyes were burning a hole through the side of my head.  It didn’t matter that I could feel a couple other gazes on me, too.  Heck, it didn’t even matter that I knew my lips were still slightly parted, my cheeks pink, and my breathing still not under control.  I still couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge what had just happened.

                Because for one, I didn’t know what happened.

                “Zayn,” Liam said, shutting off the stove and setting the spatula on the counter.  “A word, please.”

                I finally closed my mouth as the two boys stalked off, Zayn grabbing his plate on the way, towards the hallway where the computer room was.  The kitchen was dead silent, and I was afraid to meet anyone’s eyes.  No doubt I’d be questioned heavily.  But what the hell was I supposed to tell them? 

                Clearing my throat, my eyes fell to the floor.  I can’t face anyone until I talk to Zayn.  I’ve got to figure out what’s going through his head. 

                “Um,” I mumbled, awkwardly scratching a spot on my arm.  “Excuse me.” 

                Quickly, before anyone could stop me, I escaped the kitchen, walking straight through the living room until I came to Harry’s door.  Because, inconveniently enough, I didn’t have a room of my own.  Hopefully Harry won’t mind.  Once I was inside, I turned the lock on the door handle, pressing my back up against the hard wood.



Liam Payne

                “Why did you do that?”

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