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I Think I Love You..In A Different Way.. (A Roc Royal Love Story)


First Off I Just Wanna Say I Lovee Yall Who Support The story Like comment on It and vote And Other stuff Thaaannnnkkkk Youuuuu :* 

On to the story

The Pic On The side Is Shanell 



~A week Later~


Well ever since that day Ari was questioning me about The Fuckin and Shanell...

Me and Shanell started Going together. She's my girl, I really Like her I mean Its like we were ment to Be, People say Me and her Look good, I mean we Play around with each other, we flirt, we do everything couples do, But the thing is

Ariel doesnt know about us, Ive been avoiding her whenever im with Shanell, I dont want her ass questioning me like she was doing last time

Well Today Is My and Shanell's Anniversary, I got her a Nice ass Necklace and a rose

I cant wait to see her All I think about is her I fucking Love her


Ariel POV 

I Havent really seen Santo with That Shanell that much since that day, Maybe he Lost intrest In the hoe, I Hate her, Sooo much, Not only cuz She was stealing Chresanto away from me, But cuz Of what she did to Me in the Past, In my first year of Middle school..

She bullied me, She was a Bully, Almost everyday I was bullied by her and her Little crew, And I bet yall are like Were was Chresanto, He wasnt in my school in the First year of middle school, only the second year is when he came to my school ..

Well School time..


Roc- Ayo Blasian Come here

Shanell- Ayo Baliezian ((giggles and walks over)) Wassup Babe ((hugs him and kisses him))

Roc- Mmm I be missin yo kisses

Shanell- ((giggle)) You so corny

Roc- I get it from You

Shanell- No you got your swag from me, You just got your conyness From being you

Roc- Hush Ya self ((mushes her head))

Shanell- ((smiles)) Wassup Bae ((puts her arms around his waist))

Roc- Nun, You know what today is right

Shanell- ((kisses him)) Ofcourse

Roc- Good, I got something for you

Shanell- Its only been 1 week Not 1 month

Roc- But you Know some couples dont make it to one week and Thank god ((kisses her nose)) We did

Shanell- ((blushes)) You really like me huh

Roc- Hell Yea

Shanell- Good, I Like that sexy body of yours, and your Face, and just you in general

Roc- ((smirks)) Ohh really

Shanell- Yupp ((tippy toes and goes closer to his face)) But you know what else I like

Roc- ((bites his lips)) What ?

Shanell- That Ass ((grabs his but and and runs and laughs)) 

Roc- ((laughs)) You Crazy

Shanell- Love you too ((walks away smiling))

Roc- ((smirks and watches her)) So you love me Haha ((turns around)) Shit Ariel

Ariel- ((walking))

??-Ayo Roc wassup nigga

Roc- (( beathes in relieve)) Wassup Quan 

Thank god My Nigga Taquan Came

Ariel- ((walks towarrd roc)) Hey

Roc- Wassup

Quan- Wassup Ariel

Ariel- So Roc I Havent seen you with Shanell for a while

Roc- ((does a handmovent to quan telling him to keep quiet)) Ok

Ariel- So Yall dont talk

Roc- Yeaa, But not Like that

Ariel- She yours

Roc- Nahh Nah

Ariel- ((sees a friend)) Ightt Well I gotta Go Bye Guys ((walks away))

Quan- My Nigga you lied To shawty

Roc- You Cant be puttin you shit out like that Thoo, Plus, I think Shawty Like me, Or she just gonna question me and Shit

Quan- Aint that your sister thoo

Roc- Yea But I Hit That at the party Last week

Quan- Nigga Dats Nasty

Roc- Haha Naw Nigga, She not my sister by blood, Ive just Known her for a while

Quan- I dont Blame You, Her shit is sexy, But your Shawty.. Whoooooo

Roc- Ayo I Owns That Nigga

Quan- Haha You got it


End Of The Day


I saw Ariel Leave the school Already, she asked if i wanted to come I told her i was gonna be Late so she just Left with Some other friends, I Had to Get Shanell Imma Take Her Over My house For a while Maybe, If she can

Shanell- ((coming towards Him)) Hey Baby ((hugs him))

Roc- Heyy ((gives her a Kiss)) You Ready to go

Shanell- Yup, Hey can My friend Ashli come

Roc- Whatever you want ((holds her hand)) She can Cuff with My friend Taquan

Shanell- Kay, Ashli ! Over There

They all started walking Until they split up and It was only Shanell and Roc, They were coming close to His house

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Chapter 11- Shanell

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