It had taken most of the morning, but Cadeleine managed to finish cleaning the nobleman’s stables. The putrid and rank smell of the horses coated her skin and hair like a perfume. She winced at the smell, desperately seeking the hot baths to wash away the stench. She dodged and turned through the different alleyways, attempting to avoid the midday crowds of the Bazaar.  

Cade dodged into the deserted alleyway and searched for the stone that was chipped on the edge. Using one of her daggers, she quickly pulled out a few stones from the wall to reveal a rucksack and a few sets of clothes. She gathered everything that she could and stuffed it into the bag. There was enough money that she could go buy the new dagger she had seen at one of the merchant’s stalls. She could wait until after her bath to get the beautiful dagger.

  Making her way through the crowd, Cade slipped into the public bathing house, which was just a few streets down from her alley. She briskly made work of removing her rancid clothes to step into the steaming pool. With a sigh of relief, Cade began her cleaning routine. She wished that she had a brush at the moment, her hair was in knots. She made due with her meager belongings though, using her fingers as a makeshift comb. While bathing, a few of the other working women joined her, all the while gossiping about the current news. She ignored them until the name Kovar caught her attention.

“I’ve hear that the Kovar’s were planning on spending time in the Bazaar within a week or so.” One of the women casually announced.

Another gushed to the others,” Personally, I would like to see the King. I heard he is quite the looker.”

The older women giggled like teenagers and swooned about his looks. Cade scoffed at the idea of even a decent looking noble, let alone a royal. To her, all men were pigs, who took advantage of women. Though, she did know that there were few exceptions. She never expected to find one, let alone know them in her lifetime.

A much younger woman spoke next, “Well, I’ve heard that the Prince isn’t too bad himself in the looks department.”

Cade rolled her eyes and turned away from the gossiping antics of older women. She thought back to when she first learned about the Royal Family. At the time, she had been roughly about nine years old. The slaves told of the Bazaar of Naranxa and all of its wonders. From then on, Cade had desired to see the great Bazaar herself. Before she had left, the older slaves had given her a brief history of the Throne.  As soon as she escaped, it was the first place that she headed for. 


The Kovar Family had settled in the city of Naranxa, where the throne was eventually established. They had held the seat of the throne for as long as anyone could remember, ruling Aalerah with a firm, but gentle hand. The only known history of before the Kovar’s had taken the throne, was that the world was in ruins, savage and warring. They were mostly respected and well adored by everyone, but Cade had been reminded that it was because of them she was a slave. She didn’t exactly hate them for it, because it made her who she is today. However, if she were given the chance, she would give them an earful about it.  After all, they changed her life with their actions. Who knows who or what she would have been today.


Cade was drawn out of her thoughts when one of the women splashed another. She swam to the other side of the bathing pool, wanting to stay clear of the antics of the older women. Reluctantly removing herself from the hot bath, Cade toweled herself off and quickly dressed. Gathering her things, Cade walked with confidence to the alleyway that she kept her things in. Once again, the stone was removed and her rancid clothing was placed inside. She would return at a later time to clean them. She hurried along, replacing the masonry back in place, making sure no one was watching her movements. Counting her hard earned money to make sure she had enough, Cade was happy to note that she even had some extra left over. There was a commotion up the street, the guards yelling at each other to find someone. She brushed it off and focused her attention to the surging crowd.