Chapter three: Sweet Dreams

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I felt so small walking beside him, his height was intimidating. My stomach was doing little flips. Was I nervous? Hell yeah I was. How was I suppose to act? Should I smile? Or laugh every time he speaks? Should I flip my hair every two minutes? Or should I do that eye thing all the other girls do? No, I most likely would look like a retarded cat trying to do all those things. 

I'm seventeen for crying out loud! I should know how to act around guys by now. Calm down Abby, just act normal. Act normal? Okay I could do that, I took a deep breath and glanced at Dom out of the corner of my eye. My heart started pounding in my chest since he was already looking my way. I tried to smile but my face was stuck. Wait why would I smile anyway? His lips formed into a smirk and butterflies filled my stomach.

Dom. Even his name was sexy. He had one of those names that made you shiver just from hearing it. His name seemed so powerful, its almost like it had a sexual vibe to it. Just thinking about his name made me want to have sex. It really should be against the law for him to be this attractive. Like he should  get arrest. 'I'm sorry sir, but its against the law to be this attractive, you're going to have to come with me' That's what the police officer would say to him.

I walked slowly so I wouldn't trip over my feet. I didn't want to embarrass myself by tripping on air. Then I would be called 'The tripping over nothing girl' Okay that was just stupid, I really needed to stop making up these weird names. 

"This way Peaches," Dom purred pulling me towards the schools parking lot. His touch was like a vibration, a vibration that ran all my body and stop right at my core making me ache with need. I tried to ignore the feeling. The feeling was new to me. 

"I really don't live that far," I wanted to jump up and down when I didn't stutter. Guess I wasn't going to embarrass myself after all. "Y-you d-don't," Damn it! I guess I spoke to soon. "I-I can walk its only a few minutes away."

He shook his head making his black hair fall in his eye. "Relax Peaches I won't bite." He leaned down to say into my ear, making shivers rock through my body. We stopped when we were in front of a gray and black Audi. The windows were tinted making it hard for me to see inside. The car was beautiful, I've never seen anything like it.

"Thank you," I said when he opened the car door for me.

"You're welcome Sweet-cheeks." He replied and then closed my door. He walked to the other side of the car and got in. I reached for the seat belt, but the stupid thing wouldn't move. "I got it." Dom mumbled, reaching over the seat. I gasped when his arm brushed past my breast, his hot breath fanned my neck making me light headed. His fingers brushed my collarbone as he grabbed the seat belt. He pulled the seat belt and I moaned when his knuckles ran across my already hard nipples. He put the seat belt in the buckle then pulled back. He looked at me, and sent me a heated gaze making my heart flutter in my chest.

It was crazy he barely touched me and I was feeling hot. Smoky fire flooded my veins making my panties damp. I leaned back in my seat trying to calm my racing heart. Dom started the car, rough hands grabbed the steering wheel. His scent attacked my senses making me light headed, he smelled sweet but at the same time he smelled like a man. He smelled like power, like sex, hot sweaty get down in dirty hump me sex. But it smelled good.