Arranged Marriage to a Werewolf



Love is the one word that could not fail me it is the one thing I held onto. It is the one thing that I took for granted. It is what I valued, cared for, held most dear and ultimately craved. However, it is what crushed me. The questions I asked what did I do to fail love? It has been the cause of such excruciating pain. The kind of despair where you can’t breath, where you curl into a withering mass and beg for it not to be true, you scream for rescue for drop of hope. It’s the kind where your soul dies and you wither into nothing and no longer live. It’s the pain where there is no escape, no safety and no faith. Because love failed me.

I ran to him and held him in my arms I could feel that he was hurt and It was all because of me and what I did. The dream felt so real but yet so true and I kind wished that I was dreaming. I was dreaming of this guy I couldn’t really see his face just that he had a muscular body and a T-shirt that was against his body showing he’s every muscle. I kept running from the person he kept following me as if he knew where I was heading to then suddenly I heard a crack of bones and I immediately spunned around see what had happened.I saw it the a wolf, it's fur was black and brown and it was larger than a human. I immediately felt a bit tensed and scared because I didn’t really know wolves existed only that they existed in fairytales. I was suddenly against a tree I could feel it against my back and the wind that had been blowing against my face.

Just as he was about to lunges at me. I awoke with a noke on my door it was probably my mom. "Amber you beter get ready for school" she said "and I want you home tonight honey. I immediately stood up and went for a shower. I felt relaxed as the water rushed down my body.

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