Murder of Music (Short Story)


I walked down the empty hallways toward the band room, instrument in hand. Oh, I hope Mr.Kouse was still there. Bursting through the doors of the band room, I found him just about to leave. 

  "Wait!" He looked over at me in surprise.

 "Oh, Jake, what are you doing here?" he asked me.

 "I was wondering if," I hesitated,"if you could help me work on my piece really quick before you leave."

 He let out a long sigh, "Sure," he said mopaly while fliping on the lights.

 "Thank you so much!"

 I walked down the steps entering the band room, and grabbed a music stand and chair,"You really don't know how much I appreciate this."

 "It's no problem. Your one of my best students."

 I blushed. i then took out y sheet music to "Under The Rice Moon" By: Victor Lopez, printed on pasty white paper.

"Okay," Mr.Kouse said while putting up a chair,"B-Flat scale, in eigth's."

I did as I was told, and did a splendid job, at least I thought I did.

"No, no, no.  The C is a little sharp. Tune it."

So I did, and played the scale again.

"No!" he yelled.

"What did I do?" I asked in protest.

"I'm sorry for going off on you. It's just,"  he stoped, "never mind. Let's just get to the music."

I looked at him with relief and slight confusion.

"Okay, hold the A at the beginning and lead into the chorus."

I did exactly as I was told.

"No! On the chorus it's A B C D C D E C D! Not A B C D C D sharp E C D."


"Just do it again!"

I did.

"No, dammit!" he screamed, pulling the trumpet out of my hands.

"What are you doing?" I said struggling and fighting him with it. "Give it back!"

I pulled and struggled, but he wouldn't let go. I finally gave up and let go. The trumpet lashed back, hitting Mr.Kouse in the head. He fell back in the chair, dead.

"I got up and examined the body,"What have I done!"

I quickly called 911. The police and paramedics arrived shortly after.

The police walked up to me,"Son, you did a brave thing."

I looked at them confused,"What do you mean."

"Mr.Kouse, was waned for murder and drug smuggling?"

Shock filled my body. "Have you found the drugs?"

"No not yet. We're still searching."

"I think I have an idea on where to find it," I said as I held up my pasty-white sheet music.


Hope you enjoyed it. Comment and vote!!! Thanks for reading!

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