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Love Is Dangerous ON HOLD! (Kendall Schmidt/BTR fanfic)

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I hope I wouldnt turn out like my mom. Becoming cruel and vicious to anyone who told me the truth.

"You were drunk, and they needed to eat quickly. So we could make it to school on time," I explained. Defending myself and trying to stick up for myself.

"Don't talk to me like that. There my children not yours," she screamed. The kids were out if there rooms, there backpacks in hand, and fear in her eyes. They knew what usually came with these arguments.

"Can you not scream? The kids are right there," I pleaded. I was angry and I think my voice reflected that in each pitch. She looked even more mad, as if I defied her and degraded her in some way. Maybe she thought I took away her power, her power over us.

"I'm there mom, your not. Your a pathetic excuse for a daughter. I wish I never had you, the kids can stay," my mom yelled while holding up a whole new bottle of alcohol. It disgusted me, she disgusted me. Every part of her made my stomach turn and twist.

"You are no mom. I take care of them, they think I'm there mom. Which is sad. Sometimes they call me mom, which is sick. Because there true mom can't get a job to put food on the table, to keep them clothed, or clean. You disgust me your no mother and you've never been or ever will be. You never were a mom to me when dad was around. You showed me no love, no compassion. Why you stayed i have no idea. I don't even want to think of reasons why you stayed, because then I'd have to waste seconds of my life like I'm doing right now on you, a pathetic excuse for a mother. I don't get why god made you one at all. You don't deserve these kids," I spat. Wow was all I could think. I just told my mother off. Usually that didn't happen because I would be hit. I knew I would be, but I had to say that. She was a terrible mother, the worst of all. Never caring for her kids. Just cared and thought and fantasized about where the next bottle of vodka would be.

"I am there mother and I gave birth to them. What about you? Your father never loved you, he told me how he wanted to die because of you, how were to pathetic and incurable like cancer," my mom shot back. Her words stung me from the inside out. I didn't think my dad would say those things. Would he? He loved me. Didnt he? He had to and I know he did. But for some reason her words put doubts in my mind.

"I don't have time for this. I'm taking the kids to school. Now. They don't need to be involved on this bickering. They don't deserve it," I trembled as if expecting for something to happen. It did she grabbed my throat, and squeezed while taking all the air out with it and leaving me gagging. My throat began to burn and sting from the lack of oxygen I tried to fight and attack but she held me off. She smells of string booze and sweat. I felt her loose her grip slightly as if she was taken off guard, just so I could grab a quick mouthful of air. Enough to sustain but not slither the pain away. I looked down and saw Braden attacking my mom, tearing at her foot and kicking her. His innocent little punches did nothing but annoy her. I could see it inside her cold hearted, cheap, and evil eyes. Inside I was smiling but my vision soon began to waver as all I could hear were sounds. Everything flashed from black to red. Like in a haunted eyes when the lights change and make you dizzy and nauseated. It was one of those moments I guess you could say I saw my life flash before my eyes.

"Your killing my mom, your killing Bailey," Braden yelled in a high pitched voice. It worked she stopped. It actually worked!

That horrible burning sensation left and was wiped away with a trembling sensation. I took huge gulps of air, while trying to regain my balance. I blinked my eyes a few times to try and get my vision back to normal. I was coughing. The sound was tough and husky. Braden and Avery were right beside me, soothing me. I smiled and took there delicate and softhands.

"Go I don't want to see you here until you come back with some money from that pay check of yours," my mom yelled. Her blonde, greasy hair bobbed around. I instantly grabbed there hands and intertwined them with mine in fear. I walked out of the house as fast as I could dragging Avery and Braden a long. We slowed our pace and they both gave me sorrowful looks.

"I'm sorry she did that to you Bailey. I tried to help you," Braden looked down at his shoes as if he failed. He didn't he saved me.

"Don't think you failed you saved me. Both of you and I love you guys. It won't always be like this," I promised. I just didn't know if I could live up to it. They had hope and joy in there eyes. I was planning to save up and take the kids away and would try and get full custody of them. I didn't want that monster excuse of a mother to be near these kids, the only blessing I had in the world and the only reason to live for.

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Kendall Schmidtas Kendall Schmidt
James Maslowas James Maslow
Logan Hendersonas Logan Henderson
Carlos Penaas Carlos Pena
Jennifer Lawrenceas Bailey Coleman
Scarlett Johanssonas Amanda

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