Not the Same

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The world is not the same,

So much more death, so much more pain.

Random acts of violence, replace what use to be random acts of kindness.

So much senseless killing.

Wars are fought with no meaning.

Nothing to gain but loss of the breathing.

Children are dying on our streets because they have nothing to eat.

The news tries to reports when something nice happens,

That was once just a part of life that always happened.

We were once Sisters and Brothers, a giant family to love one another.

Now we don't even dare talk to the neighbors.

What happened to this world?

Why does nobody seem to care?

We are all willing to point the finger, to blame someone else,

to blame someone bigger, Its not one persons fault this poor world has changed.

This is on all of us because we didn't do enough to keep it safe.

Kids are dying because of a Bullies, ending their own lives because of their feelings.

Why do we not hear the constant cries for help?

Why do we not see the cutting or questions the scars of our innocent bleeding.

Why do we choose to judge instead of help each other, The world has changed

She is no longer our Mother.